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    In your poem, you touch on the complications of growing up. We often get so lost in how fast time flies that we only remember general details about certain things in our lives. People absolutely can still remember something right down to the minute years after it happened, but those can often be either really happy memories, say a wedding,…[Read more]

  • Chris,

    This is a topic I have actually never heard about. You have done a good job at taking something that is not well known to many people, and turning it into an interesting story of history for a smaller country. I especially enjoyed how you talk of even the composers fighting in the uprising. I think that shows a lot about how much the…[Read more]

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    The terms “El Nino” and “La Nina” are actually a part of a three stage climate phenomenon.  The third stage is a “neutral” stage in which neither El Nino or La Nina are occuring. All three of these terms are en

  • The censorship in online forums of students is something public schools have a limited ability to do. Unlike private schools, students do not sign a release stating that they wave many of their constitutional rights, including that of free and unlimited speech on any platform. However, since the Morse v. Frederick, 2007 case, schools are in fact…[Read more]

  • Ajonea,
    I really liked how you used metaphors to help produce an image of this person. Your writing style appears more as something that you truly wanted to write about and feel very passionate about.

  • Angela,
    Although there may be no scientific evidence to the law of attraction being as real and true as gravity, there is evidence of people thinking positive thoughts and thus being able to notice the small things, such as finding money or having someone buy you a drink. Psychologists have done extensive research on whether or not thinking…[Read more]

  • I personally really enjoyed hearing about your family being Salvadoran. I definitely know that I do not always connect Latina or Latino with being from a state other than Mexico. I often attempt to keep an open mind when I hear the term Latino or Latina because I was never really sure what it meant until recently. I would like to hear more…[Read more]

  • Your description of a general form of anxiety was well worded and obviously something you feel strongly about. When you said, “Is it really and illness to worry?” I began wondering what the difference is between anxiety as a disorder and anxiety at a normal level. What I have learned through some brief research, is that anxiety is part of the…[Read more]

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    This is a well written discussion on both sides concerning gun control and how guns are distributed in the United States. I do wonder however, what is your opinion on gun control and how should the states separately control guns?

  • Gerrymandering is on the 2018 November ballot.  Propestion 4 is attempting to get rid of gerrymandering by creating a community of people who will redraw the voting districts and keep them more fair.  This will t

    • Great article! While I was reading this, I thought to myself, “Isn’t gerrymandering illegal?” Because if it is then the fact that Republicans are doing it with not a lot of resistance means more corruption in the political system. A great claim though, I agree that we should outlaw gerrymandering!

    • Hey Sean, I really liked how you showed both sized, analyzed both and then explained in a persuasive manner why you chose your side. The amount of research is shown in your detail.

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