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    Hello! I believe you made a lot of great points and gave a lot of good resources that I find very interesting. This is a huge issue and something needs to be done. These were all great ideas. Good Job!

  • Alex, I really enjoyed reading your writing. I liked how you added both the pros and cons of medical marijuana. I agreed with everything said, and think that you presented your information very well. Heres a source I think you might enjoy reading! https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/marijuana-medicine

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    In one article about abortion, in talked about how in 2008, an estimated 86 million women had unplanned pregnancies. It also talked about how the only person that should make the decision to have an abortion

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      I completely agree with you on this Sophie. It should always be the mom’s choice when it comes to abortion. Banning abortion is not only just plain cruel, but like you said it can also be really unsafe. I remember this story that was in the news about how there was a 12 year old girl from Alabama who was raped and got pregnant. But because of the new laws against abortions there she couldn’t get one/ so both her, and the baby’s live’s were in extreme danger. I’m not entirely sure of what happened to her but I remember hearing about it and just being shocked that because of some male politicians making a completely ridiculous decision some poor girl’s life was in danger. Anyway, this was incredibly well written and very persuasive. I can’t wait to see what you write about next.

  • Hi Emanuel,
    You made a lot of good points that I agree with. You can’t base your opinion on an entire group of people off of a few instances like Trump is doing. You supported your opinion with valid points and good information. I think you did a very good job!

  • Madi,
    I think this is a very real and important issue. I thought all the facts you added about the topic were very relevant.

  • There is a wide debate about whether or not school uniforms should be worn. Although they do keep their students unified, there are more reasons that point to the fact that they do more bad than good. They

  • Hello Kira,
    Your article was very well put. Sometimes it is very difficult for people to come out and talk about this stuff and I think your article could make a lot of people take a second and think. Mental health has become such a huge issue in teens and a lot of people just look right past it. We do need to take this seriously and look for it…[Read more]

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    Hi Kaya,
    I really liked how you added both the pros and cons in your writing. You gave a lot of good evidence to support both of the sides, and I agreed with your final paragraph about how it could solve a lot of problems we have today and how it is a way safer method for pain relief. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this. Good…[Read more]

  • It is a known fact that vaccines save lives, so why do people continue to not get vaccinated? Vaccines can quite literally save children’s lives. They save 2.5 million children from preventable diseases every y

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      Sophie, I really like what you had to say about this. I find it very interesting that some parents vaccinate their kids while others do not. I think that everyone should be vaccinated because it will help prevent these diseases from spreading. I found a great source that could help if you wanted to look into it further. http://infectiousdiseases.edc.org/sites/infectiousdiseases.edc.org/files/documents/pro_con_vaccines.pdf
      This website shows the pros and cons to vaccinating. I think the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot. One of the pros is that it saves children’s lives. They are 90-99% effective in preventing the disease. I hope this helps!

    • Hey Soph, i would have to agree with you that everyone should be vaccinated. It puts you and those around you in danger of catching diseases and other infections that are truly preventable. I found this article about 10 diseases that you can avoid with getting vaccinated and it is truly mind blowing to me that people dont vaccinate their children knowing that is making them safer and preventing so much in the long run. Heres the link https://gun-control.procon.org/

  • I agree with everything said. I believe that minimum wage should be raised, but not necessarily to $15.

  • Homework can do both good and bad, but it seems to be doing more bad than good. The amount of homework students are assigned can sometimes be harmful. High-achieving high school students say that the amount of

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