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  • sophia.b

Ava, I completely agree with your points but no longer do I think about these instances. It has become second nature to me. For example when I wear "revealing" clothes I feel like Im just bound to feel uncomfortable around old me. This is something that should change. Thanks for...

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Birth Control is a Must View Comment
  • @sophia.b
  • April 3, 2020

I think you make great points! I completely agree with you opinion because teens can be too scared to approach their parents about birth control, but need it. If it becomes over the counter teens can take control of their body in the way they want no matter what...

Hi Janley! I'm from a city and though it is much smaller compared to Chicago I can understand how difficult it could be. I also spend my summers in Chicago and while its very accessible for pedestrians its difficult to get to on side to the other. I support...

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Is the juul really cool? View Comment
  • @sophia.b
  • November 4, 2019

Hey Kaan, Obviously vapes are very dangerous and need to be banned. The juul CEO has even stepped down in this time of crisis ( I hope this gets under control soon before it does even more damage on teenagers lungs. Sincerely, Sophia Bartlit

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