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  • This is my Grandma, except we call her Yiayia because she is Greek. She is an immigrant from Greece and has overcome many things in her life. She came over for Sunday dinner and I asked her if I could take her

  • I connected with a woman named Angie Monson who lives in my neighborhood. Her company in called Simplicity Photography and she primarily shoots family photos and she also travels to different countries to shoot

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    For my Toy Story, I took pictures of little figurines in 3 different places at night, as if the figurines come to life at night. The toys were really tiny and it was very difficult to get up close to them. In

    • Hi Sofia
      I really like your idea of taking the pictures of the toys in different locations. Which makes them seem very life like. Have you thought about maybe using toys that have arm or legs that can move? Then when taking the picture in different locations you could move the limbs into different positions. That way they would be given more life like. Over all great idea. The little toys are cute. Great job.

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      I really like the way you took the pictures. They look very cool. And I agree with Mackenzie they do look very life like and taking pictures in different locations was a great idea.


    This is Ms. Shepherd. She is a Spanish teacher at my high school, Judge Memorial Catholic High School. Ms. Shepherd does a lot for the Judge community. She is definitely one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

  • I learned a lot about photography and the purpose of taking photos after studying Rehahn and his career in photography. Rehahn is a truly inspiring photographer. His photos have purpose and the ability to tell

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