• The research I conducted focused on the use of Performance Enhancing Drug throughout the course of the late 1900s and early 2000s.  With rampant steroid and testosterone the league had to adopt new preventative

    • Seiji, this seems like a really interesting research project. I find it interesting because often times you don’t hear about the corruptness in baseball as it is more of a low-key sport compared to football and basketball. I like the different ways you found that are being used to curb drug use in the MLB. I would love to see how it progresses as newer drugs come out, along with stricter regulations.

  • This is a really cool topic to do a research paper on. It was fun watching you develop it during days if hard work in class. I knew that people were abscessed with brands but I never knew why; this essay helped answer this question. Great writing, keep on doing great things.

  • Throughout the history of the sport, baseball has seemingly always been plagued with scandals.  In the early 1900s, the era of gambling had its foothold in baseball, most notably with the Chicago Black Sox in

    • Dear Seiji

      I am wowed with your article, “USe of PEd in the MLB” because is interesting and informative. It also helps me think of the stars that I see on Television and their roles in this.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “One of the players said that he was given opportunity to begin “juicing” but said that he would feel guilt and shame if the only reason why he was successful was because he cheated.” I think this is important because it shows how one of the only ways to be successful is juicing.

      Another sentence that I related with was: “Players are continually using testosterone to cheat the system.” This stood out for me I know that many people use this and it is horrible,

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you can write so well and cohesively.

    • dear seiji, I was surprised to see how much debate has gone about the course of baseball and its history.i was shocked to see and the debt that happened to people and teams. I was also surprised to see that athletes would take steroid just so that that could be stronger and better and have bigger muscles. I didn’t know it could be such a hard life for a sports player outside of injuries and dangers of the game.it makes me feel that much more impressed by the players, well at least the ones who manage without drugs or debt.

    • Dear Seiji,

      I am impressed by this article, "PED use in the MLB, " that portrays the ways athletes take their career very seriously but don't realize they are destroying it with drugs such as testosterone.

      There was a particular passage that caught my attention:"One of the players said that he was given opportunity to begin “juicing” but said that he would feel guilt and shame if the only reason why he was successful was because he cheated." This was eye catching since this quote showed morality and good judgement on choices to make in a athletes' baseball career.

      I look forward to read another one of your finished pieces.

    • Dear Seiji,
      This is a very good article explaining the cheating around going on in the majors. Many are finding ways to cheat the regulations life pitchers using pine tar and batters using the rosin bag. However, I believe steroids are still an issue in the MLB which can be seen in the recent allegations on A-rod, Barry Bonds, Ramirez and more.

  • Great piece of informative literature! I never knew much about workout supplements so by reading this article it helped me gain a better understanding. Does this mean that I should or shouldn’t take these types of supplements because I’m looking to get swell haha. Im looking forward to seeing where your essay goes from here.

  • This is a great piece of writing, its very informative and delves deep into a widespread problem that must be fixed around the world. What are some steps that countries can take to decrease the amount of child labor? Im excited to keep on reading your posts because it is something that needs to stop.

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    Wow Ben this is such a cool topic!! I feel like not many people actually pay attention to the pull brands have on customers. You got this bud, i believe in you, this paper will be fire

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    Your paper is on a really intresting topic, it was something that I never knew existed and it was cool learning about something that so central to a group of people i don’t know much about. It will be fun to see where you go with this paper, good luck dr.dre

  • For my research paper, I’ve decided to write it about the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs(PEDs) in Major League Baseball, and what policies the league can do in order to prevent future misuse of these illegal

    • Ben replied 1 year ago

      I think this is a really interesting topic, especially for you because you are a baseball player. It’s crazy how so many are able to get away with the tests. Do you think players should be allowed? If so many people are getting away with it then why is it so illegal in the first place?

    • Will replied 1 year ago

      Wow really neat actually. Do you think this is why Richie Sexon was 6’8″? Or why Barry Bonds went from zero to hero in one season? Or why Bryce Harper can throw really really far? These are interesting things to think about that I think your research can do a good job of shedding light on. Great job and I cant wait to read the finished product and learn the illegal secrets of how the MLB gets jacked.

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    The use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) has been a controversy involved in almost every sport.  However none of the major professional sport leagues have been affected by the use of these drugs as much as

    • Maggie replied 1 year ago

      I think PED use needs to be addressed in professional sports considering the recent years of scandal affiliated to doping. Despite the guidelines and committees dedicated to combating drug use in pro leagues, i find it interesting that athletes are still able to beat the system.

    • Grace replied 1 year ago

      This is a great topic that needs to be brought to attention. I find it interesting that after such problems with athletes using them in the past that they are still problem even with drug tests and the strict no drug use rules. I’m interested in seeing if there is more to the illegal drug use and its effects on the athletes not only physically but also mentally.

    • Joey replied 1 year ago

      I find it interesting how two of the three players you listed were Yankees players. Maybe you can incorporate into your story the fact that the Yankees are a bunch of cheaters. This is a good idea for a story however, and you can tie in the Steroid Era and how it has affected the game today.

  • I liked how you wrote about both the pros and cons of the electoral college. If you added more details on each side I think it would help develop a strong point. I also think that if you incorporated a couple quotes from politics on this topic it would allow readers to see multiple people’s viewpoints.

  • This is an interesting an idea about a topic that is sure to gain much attention in the upcoming year and yes sam is correct you are awesome

  • I like this post a lot. I feel the same way you do about the situation> I love to ski but the expenses of the activity have greatly risen within the last couple decades. There are some grammatical errors that need to be fixed and well as fixing some of your sentence structures but otherwise it is a well written piece. If you could also…[Read more]

  • This is a great article, I love basketball and I’ve been wondering about this analytics movement for a while. You really highlight how the game is changing. I think that if you included more examples of this change it would really help strengthen your paper.

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    Global warming has been a daunting issue facing humanity for the past decade or two, although this may not make an immediate impact it will certainly help reduce the effects going into the future.

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    This sounds like a really interesting novel and the way you describe it makes it even more intriguing.

  • Yeah it is a little all over the place but the theme and your message are explained very well.

  • Although it hasn’t been a popular topic with the current election, an issue that I care a lot about in education.   I think more attention needs to be a bigger topic because in order to get ahead in the world we

    • Seiji, I very much enjoyed this article on education. I liked how you brought to attention a topic that so often gets undermined and forgotten. Education is very important and the lack of attention it gets shows in the poor education standards of the United States. I think bringing to attention both republican and democratic views on the issue was a great choice. What I might suggest is that you explain why this topic doesn’t get brought to attention or why our country doesn’t spend the resources to improve this aspect of our population. Do we spend too much money on the army and other factors? I don’t know, but I think if you elaborated on this it would make your article even better!

  • I found this really interesting, i would never have thought that some of the most unexplored regions of the world are the desolate slums in major cities. I think it would be beneficial to map and explore some of

  • As human innovation and growth continues to advance, consumption of energy will continue at all time highs.  Fossil fuels are clearly finite resources, so the question isn’t if we are to run, its when.  A

    • You bring up very important points for the future of our most significant resources. I completely agree with the first point you brought up that we’ll be running low on our fossil fuels and that we likely can’t solely depend on our other sources of energy, as those may also run out. It’s very interesting to see that there are other very conflicting opinions on this matter and that some people think we won’t run out, for at least a long while.

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