• I believe that rape should always be a punishable crime and rape should never be forgiven. There have been times where rapists were not properly held accountable for what they have done and I believe that is

    • Sid, I am satisfied with your post because I feel that in most cases where the rapist is not punished fairly and are mostly let off easy. The victim of rape is mentally and physically hurt in so many different ways, that it is around to get over and often leads to depression and such. The one thing you said that really stood out to me was when you talked about the case, because I feel as if he was let off easy.

  • This is a fake Facebook post from Stanford University summing up the Brock Turner case, utilizing media to add to my message.

  • Hi Evan,

    I like your picture of how healthy kids lunches are at Japan in comparison to how it is back home. It’s pretty bad to have our kids lunches be so bad, it can have serious health effects for our youth. Thank you for putting this together.


  • Grant,

    This is a very well done piece that you put together. You added lots of information about nuclear power rather than your opinion. Very well done.


  • Nice job! I like what you put together here in your infographic, analyzing and informing your audience about an issue you care about deeply. I also like that you gave an example on Lake Tahoe. Well done.


  • Joseph,

    I like what you put together in your info graphic. You start with eye popping stats that will stick to peoples minds and make them feel for the people who are hungry and starving. You then gave causes and then solutions, which will inform people about what we can do to stop hunger in our country. It is a good strategy and method to get…[Read more]

  • Brock Turner,  a former swimmer at Stanford University, was charged with the rape of an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at a frat party on the campus of Stanford. More details are in an infographic I have

    • Sid, I really like your infographic. I think it’s really descriptive because you stated what happened and how it was dealt with. In my opinion, Turner’s punishment wasn’t enough and the Judge should have enforced a harsher punishment.

    • Great work sid! your info-graphic was very neat and organized. My question for you is what can the public do to overturn the case? and what is the significance of this case based on the history of the american justice system?

    • I enjoy the way this infographic is so concise and cuts out any unnecessary details. It isn’t at all bare-bones about it’s detailing, though, instead giving just the right amount of information. I am happy to see that you took an interest in this particular case- it definitely is something that is wrong with the world. Thank you for the infographic.

    • Sid, your infographic did a good job of presenting the facts without delving too much into your personal opinion. By doing this, readers are able to see the situation through an unbiased lense.

    • This is a great infographic. I like how it presents a lot of detail and examples. My group and I made an infographic about planned parenthood, which although isn’t the same topic, can relate. Keep up the good work.

    • This provides good insight into your topic. What is your opinion on what should happen to Brock Turner though?

    • This is a really important issue. People shouldn’t get away with that kind of thing.

  • Brock Turner, a former swimmer at Stanford University, was charged for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at a fraternity party on the campus of Stanford. I read a CNN article that gave information

  • Thomas,

    This is a pretty great piece you put together. I like how you questioned what Huck is running for; I had similar inquiries when I read the book as well. I also like how you inquired what freedom is to these characters. Is it to be free of slavery? To be free from Ms. Watson? Your insights on these questions were quite excellent and I…[Read more]


    Huckleberry Finn’s conflict between his individual conscience and what society wants him to do is a struggle that made him grow as a character and provided a social commentary throughout the novel. He always

    • Wow, Sid I couldn’t agree more. I have had a very similar thought process about the societal struggles that are faced in the book. I also really like how you ask questions within your piece and it further my thinking and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your thinking!!!

    • Great job! I really enjoyed reading your essay and I thought you made some great points and raised important questions. I also liked how you compared the themes from the text to real world problems like bullying. Overall I think your essay is good although I would urge you to work on your organization and develop a conclusion.

    • Sid- Great article! I loved how you introduced quotes into this. It really makes your argument stronger as well as really showing your audience how strong you feel about this issue. I think you could do a little bit more with the organization because you topic is a little all over the place at times and difficult to follow. Other than that I really believe you have some strong voice in this. Good job!

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    Climate change is a very big topic in America today and I am glad you talked about it. We need to find other ways to use energy that is renewable. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable and is not a good source to rely on for large periods of time. Pls, they can also hurt the environment, which also leads to global warming. Overall, thi a good…[Read more]

  • Brock Turner,  a swimmer for the Stanford Cardinal, was convicted in January 2015 of raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster after a frat party on the campus of Stanford. Turner was then charged with the


    Page 4 “Say, who is you? Whar is you?” -Jim
    Around this time, it was common to think of slaves as secondhand people, and in this instance, Jim was the culprit, and his diction shows how he is uned

    • Sid, I liked how you analyzed this theme that Twain placed in this book. Nice job! I agree that judging a human based on certain qualities. I think your stance on your question is one way to see it. Twain uses the dialect, especially for when Jim talks, showing that he’s a regionalist, along with including conflicts about race. Bringing light to the racism in the south, Twain brought out the “evils” of the south, exposing the issue to the world. I liked your views, Sid. Keep up the good work!

  • This is a audio piece written by Sid Murthy about the role of America in one’s pursuit of the American Dream. The essay is called “The Unabridged American Dream”.


    The Unabridged American Dream

    America has

    • Hello Sid! I enjoyed your piece. Did it feel as awkward to record this as it did to record yourself singing for Spanish class? This piece is very thought-provoking, and I think the cover image goes well with it. It truly shows all types of people trying to get to the American dream. Nice job!

  • Let’s just get this out in the open before I begin; I am a democrat and I am a liberal. Sure, I may be the typical 16-year old boy still discovering his political views and still might not have a complete view or

    • Hey Sid, I like this piece you did and I am your secret writing pal!:)

    • Hey Sid,
      I want to start out by saying thank you for your opinion. That being said, I don’t think it is fair to say that President Trump doesn’t use any common sense. The so called “Muslim Ban” can be seen in a lot of different ways. One view point is that Trump is a hateful, insensitive, and cruel President. Another way to look at it is that he is simply trying to protect this nation. In the (paraphrased) words of Malik Obama “we don’t lock the doors at night because we hate everyone on the outside, but rather because we love the people on the inside” (Obama). I for one, am in favor of locking the doors in order to keep my family, friends, and loved ones safe. I’m not against immigration, but I think we should be careful about who we let into our borders. That being said, we are all entitled to our own opinion.

      Rylan Rawson

      P.S. If you are interested in the the Malik Obama quote, here’s a link. https://twitter.com/obamamalik/status/825636542836269056?lang=en

    • Hey Sid, I really like this piece and totally agree with you. That Muslim ban was terribly polarizing and the fact that those countries don’t have ISIS involvement makes it much much worse.


    • Sid,
      For me as a liberal the choice wasn’t so hard, on one side you have this awful man who has said such terrible things and promised to carry policies that would hurt our nation. Yes Hillary does have the email problem but I just it blown up its not as bad as everyone makes it sound. However she had proposed policies that would benefit our country. Also the main thing in the election was the winner would be able to chose the next justice which is HUGE! Every one has their own opinions though.

    • Well, Hillary deleting those email was obstruction of justice. If nothing was wrong why did she delete them???? Just wanted to let you know.

    • Dear Sid,
      I agree with you post about Todays Politicians, because I feel these really captures the current situation of the political climate. What you said really shows the reality of what voters where going through during the election.

      One sentence that really stuck out to was: “if they voted for Trump, they would be in support of a racist in office, but if they voted for Clinton, they would be in support of a criminal in office.”

      Thanks for writing.

    • I was gonna compliment you, until you called Trump a “racist”, you were so close. Not one person in the world can explain why he’s a racist, because he isn’t. Also, the Muslim-ban was Obama’s bill. All 7 countries on the list, Obama bombed 5 of the for 4 years. Obama listed them as “terrorist-prone countries”. So, it’s a little hypocritical to call Trump a racist for something that Obama made. Also, Trump is not a politician. Which is why he’s doing so incredibly well in office right now. 6 more years of being the greatest again, hell yeah…

  • Dear Joseph,

    I do agree that our national debt is a crippling issue in the United States. It has gotten to a point where we can only slow down the rate of debt increase rather than eliminating it completely. Good job adding numbers to back up your claims.

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    Dear Evan,

    I like your take on school lunches and how they have very minimal nutritional value. Because of our long school days and the minimal sleep weget, we need to have better lunches with nutrition. How do you think that this would work? What would you put into the lunches?


  • #letter2nextpres #okemos #genderneutral 3bathrooms

  • Dinakar,

    I agree with your claim on gun control. Guns are a basic right of all Americans, but considering the recent mass shootings, there is a change that needs to be made. I personally believe that citizens have a right to bear arms, but the process of acquiring guns needs to be more secure. Do you agree that guns should be allowed to the…[Read more]

  • Sid posted a new activity comment 3 years, 9 months ago


    I agree with your claim on gun control. Guns are a basic right of all Americans, but considering the recent mass shootings, there is a change that needs to be made. I personally believe that citizens have a right to bear arms, but the process of acquiring guns needs to be more secure. Do you agree that guns should be allowed to the…[Read more]

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