• My name is Sam, I am a senior at Judge Memorial Catholic High School, and I am a part of the new media team. Being a journalist, I enjoy writing about mostly sports, but I also like to enjoy topics that are

  • The first article speaks about how the victims of gun control should not be looked at to determine the actions taken to prevent gun violence. The author argues that being a victim of an attack does not make you

    • As America’s leaders grapple with the gun violence crisis, they should consider a range of policy and programmatic solutions that will have a major impact on reducing gun-related deaths, injuries, and crime in the United States.

    • I like how you gave both sides of the argument and had evidence to support both.

  • Charlie,
    I really enjoyed reading this and honestly learned a lot. I think all of us as high school students worry about the cost of tuition, and have all at one point wondered why it has become so expensive. I never knew any of this information before reading this, and it was very interesting to read. I think this information could help a lot in…[Read more]

  • Taylor,
    This was such a great piece! I like to think that I know a good amount about WWII but after reading this I realized then there was a lot more to it than just the stuff we learned in history class. I never thought about how everyday American life was changed due to this war. I think the best part of this piece was how well you were able to…[Read more]

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    This was a great piece! I learned a lot about what’s going on in Yemen because of this and it allowed me to develop my own views on the issue as well. I think that the background information you gave about the country before the war started showed that it isn’t just a country that is defined by war.
    If you want to look more into this issue, I…[Read more]

  • Asnica,
    I thought this was a very good piece. It gave a lot of good information about how plastic can negatively affect people. I think the best part of the piece was when you explained how BPA can harm people, because it helps the reader visualize the problems that can become of this.
    If you want to look more into this topic, I would recommend…[Read more]

  • Homelessness has been an increasing problem in many areas of the country. Along with this, many of those whom are homeless are being arrested in alarming rates.

    In an article from the Eugene Weekly,

    • Those that are homeless seem to be in a bad situation that might lead them to commit more crimes than those that are in better situations. If people really are being targeted because them being homeless makes them a easier target or because the stereotypes that come along with being homeless, then that is not okay and needs to be prevented. However maybe they are not really being targeted because they are homeless but because they are committing more crimes.

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