• Hi again Laya!
    You’re so welcome for helping you reach your goal of stardom. You truly deserve it with the intricate and complex analysis you wrote on the novel. It’s very considerate of you to not want to spoil the book. Hope you have a marvelous weekend.
    Best wishes,

  • Hi Laya!
    I really enjoyed reading your post. That book seems really interesting, and I’d love to read it sometime. I thought that you did a really good job connecting the book to the essential question. I think you brought up interesting points about morals and loyalty to your family as well. From your writing, I am assuming that Lake chose to…[Read more]

  • In the memoir Americanized by Sara Saedi, she talks about the fact that she struggled with identity as an immigrant child from Iran growing up in America. She explains how she was torn between assimilating with

    • I appreciate and can relate with your article. As the children of immigrant parents, I have often had to deal with balancing assimilation into American culture with preservation of my original culture. Your suggestion to overcome this dilemma by refusing to act on prejudice is one I support, encourage, and agree to act on as well.

  • Hi Baoyang! I thought your post was really interesting. Some people think that the most important part of the American Dream is being successful and rich, so you don’t really hear much about freedom and equality relating to the American Dream. I liked how you used founding documents in order to back up your claim. It shows that this country…[Read more]

  • Religious freedom is an American value.  Believing in who you want, how you want, if you want, and when you want is something that Americans take to heart.  The First Amendment protects freedom of religion, r

    • Dear Sloane, I agree with your claim about personal beliefs being separated from the government because it would have a lot of influence on how laws are made and just things around that. The overall message of your post was to the point and I clearly understood what you were trying to say. Yes, Americans have the freedom religion, press, speech, etc. but, there should be a certain limit as to where it is applied regarding the government and our daily lives.

  • I thought this post was really interesting. It made me think of Ted Bundy, who was often praised for his looks and sex appeal, when this should be the last thing that people are thinking about. It also reminds me of the show “You” on Netflix. The show is about a man who stalks and manipulates a girl into loving him, and later kills her friends,…[Read more]

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