• Fast food restaurants are known for their unhealthy, greasy, tasty food and because so fast and cheap everyone seems to love it.  Yet people are reaching out to certain chains for a change in the food because of

    • I wonder how much the cost of healthier food plays into the equation. The reason I am curious about this is because I want to know if it is the cost of the food that deters chains from selling healthier food options or if the healthier food options simply do not sell very much.

    • Hi Skylar!

      Its promising that popular fast food chains are trying to integrate “healthier” options, but did you know that these items can be higher in calories than a burger or Chicken McNuggets? I researched a similar topic recently, and realized that these “healthy” foods are really quite misleading. If your interested, you should read The Omnivore’s Dilemma, it was really helpful and opened my eyes to what many of us are really eating.


    • Hello Skylar,
      I find it interesting that McDonald’s, as well as other popular fast food places are starting to make healthier options. I have to agree with you though, on how do we know if they are truly making things all that much healthier. I personally almost never go to a fast food restaurant, as I always feel gross after eating at them. I really hope they truly start to make healthier options because I would definitely go to them for fast healthy food.

    • I definitely do agree with you on how it is questionable on how healthy fast food restaurants are really becoming but hopefully in the future a wider variety of actually healthy options will be available.

  • I truly can’t imagine the mental consequences and struggles that come along with adoption, and I don’t think anyone can truly understand unless they are in that place, o its very interesting to read the research they’ve found on it. I’m curious to learn more!

  • Grace, its so interesting to read and recognize what little I know about veganism. I am very curious to see what the research say about whether it is truly healthy or not.

  • Again this is something I feel people overlook constantly and is never really addressed so reading and leaning more about the effects of prison on mental health. I am definitely interested in seeing more.

  • Katie this was a great topic idea being that most people definitely don’t know the importance of running shoes and the affects on all body mechanics. This was a very interesting read, and I’m intrigued to see more!

  • Fast food chains are a rapid rising epidemic worldwide, and yet seemingly is being constantly overlooked.  Many studies have shown the direct link of fast food and the increase numbers of obesity.  The so called ”

    • I definitely understand this. I go out to eat way more than I should and its not because I cant find any food in my house. I think the main reason more and more people are going out too eat is because they are lazy. You are totally right about the child obesity being a problem and I think people need too stop going out to eat or put a limit on how much to spend when they go out.

    • I for one am a huge lover of fast food. Its easy to get and usually pretty cheap. I feel like that’s the reason why the fast food epidemic is on the rise, its easy and cheap. I’m a pretty active person so burning off those calories and fat is easy. Fast food is a trap for those that don’t exercise or don’t have the time to. I’m not for getting rid of fast food but people do need to be educated about how harmful it can really be.

    • I really like this article because I have thought for a while that our country has a growing problem in obesity due to the overwhelming accessibility of fast food. A part I found very intriguing is towards the begining when you also stated the benefits from the fast food chains, instead of solely stating the downsides, such as a source of jobs for many and affordable food for families in poverty. I found it interesting to see the alternate side to this debate because it’s very true that fast food chains provide an astounding number of jobs to those in need, but what I think is that overall, the negatives outweigh the negatives and I think that is what you are getting at too. I really liked this, good job!

  • I think this is a really strong topic, because it is clearly overlooked in most cases. We don’t really consider the mental tole prisoners go through. The conditions of prison are also almost never focused on. This connection between mental illnesses and prison life is huge and in order to have successful rehabilitation facilities, this needs to…[Read more]

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    I really think this was a fantastic topic choice being that this has become a worldwide phenomenon and in certain cases coffee could even be considered a drug. People have become so reliant on caffeine to get through there day, the sleeping hours per person is decreasing and decreasing. This is having an immense impact on our health and it needs…[Read more]

  • Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of health and prevention when it comes to physical activity and sport performance. Being flexible is not easy; it takes time, stretching, and training.  Stretching

    • This could be a really good research paper for almost anyone to read, as it shows the importance of something as small and trivial as stretching and just how helpful it can be to the body. I know from experience the poor outcomes that result in not stretching as I have had my fair share of torn and pulled muscles. After my experiences and reading this, I am able to understand the importance of these injury preventing activities.

    • I love this topic. It is a very relatable topic that most people can relate to and understand on a personal level. I can’t wait to read more about it in your research.

  • I really liked how your post gives both sides to the topic of criminal punishment, that way I was able to see each point of view ad put them in perspective. This is a difficult subject as its a very extreme way of handling capital crimes. I thought your discussion will help me read Dead Man Walking with an open mind and see the ideas behind both sides.

  • “The death penalty in America is a broken process from start to finish. Death sentences are predicted not by the heinousness of the crime but by the poor quality of the defense lawyers, the race of the accused o

    • Hi Skylar,
      Very interesting read. The issue of capital punishment really does have several different factors that need to be accounted for.
      Recently I have been reading a book by Sister Helen Prejean, titled Dead Man Walking. The argument she present is against capital punishment, not only citing Catholic Church teachings and morality to justify the sparing of the life of a criminal, but also many, many tangible facts. She delves into different factors that influence whether a person may be convicted as guilty and be placed on Death Row, such as race, flaws in the criminal justice system, and poverty. I would definitely recommend this read if you are looking for some facts.

    • I read one of Coretta Scott King’s anti-death penalty articles and she presents very similar ideas as you do. I recommend you read it. Rather than try to kill killers, we should try to reform them back into society, a solution that’s more moral and doesn’t violate the right to life. The death penalty goes back all the way to the ancient times and has been used everywhere.

    • Very good piece; you included outside evidence and sources which adds to credibility. You could consider appealing more to the other side by acknowledging some respectable points

    • Hi Skylar,

      This is an interesting piece. I am personally against the death penalty and I also see many flaws in the system. I’m a little confused about your quotes. You might want to review citing. In addition, i think you have a great base for strong research paper. I suggest using specific examples to prove your claim. Maybe a specific case that brings to light the problems with the death penalty.


  • After reading this I am left wanting more. This is a unique and important topic that is often overlooked. The connection between everyone is there, and it just takes discovering it. I really liked this brief summary, and analysis and want to read the novel!

  • This is a really interesting outlook and topic to research. Basketball in this way is looked at very analytically, carefully studied for even the slightest advantage that may be hidden in the game. I thought it was a really cool paper, and I really learned a different side to the sport of basketball, and the actual precision of the game.

  • This is an incredibly strong poem, almost hard to read. You conveyed something that is so true and disgusting in such an elegant way. This is an uprising issue that is often times over looked because it seems “irrelevant” to most people. However this a horrible phenomenon that seems to getting worse, and I really liked how you touched on the…[Read more]

  • This was a really incredible poem, something I’ve never really read before. It was incredibly cool to see the description of the relationship of the person and universe. It really portrayed the power of space and the major effect it has on us, and our minds. Its something in our lives that is always changing yet always constant.

  • Poverty is truly a huge problem, not just in the Unites States, but the world. I agree with your proposal of focusing on the middle class to help our economy overall, and hopefully create more opportunities and jobs for the poor. This is a great letter.

  • I really like this topic being addressed because taking care of our environment is to me the most important problem that is needing to be fixed. There is so much that needs to change and this next president definitely needs to recognize it.

  •      Gun control is a huge topic in the upcoming debate because of the significant increase in police brutality, terrorist acts, and pure gun related attacks not only in the United States but in the World.  T

    • I agree, I think those who are mentally challenged should not own firearms. I also think there should be background checks for the sales of bullets, but I also realize that if we take the firearms form the people, crime rates will increase by a lot like they did during the Assault Weapons Ban Act. I feel the gun violence has been prioritized by the media but I don’t think we really have as much violence in the USA as people believe. We see stories about crazed gunmen but we don’t look at those that stop that crazed gunman (or stabber). Mostly it is good guys with guns stopping bad guys.

  • This is a very difficult topic especially at our school, being Catholic and all. Everyone has strong opinions about abortion, some support, and some don’t. This was a great topi to pick and it was very interesting to read. It gave me little more insight on the issue at large and how it does truly affect so many people. It was a perfect topic,…[Read more]

  • You seem very interested about the illegal immigration as being a rising epidemic. This is becoming a bigger concern especially with the upcoming election approaching and the presidential candidates, particularly the one with the plan to build the wall. I saw a whole new point of view on this subject and found it very intriguing.

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