• I am from the basketball court,

    from roaring crowds and the swooshing sound when the ball hits the net.

    I am from towering piles of clothes and the endless stacks of shoes.

    I am from crape myrtles,

    • Skylar, this was a very good poem, it was very deep, and made me think about where I come from.

    • Starting off you know that she is talking about being into sports and she is athletic person. A girl from down south a friendly good soul. Likes to just spend time playing games and staying home.

    • I feel she is talking about being a young athlete who love to play basketball and have fun outside, another thing i noticed where she is from is that she is from the south where the people used the old way to live like go to church and eat good soul food. another thing that stand out to me in this poem was when she said the saying “If you eat that seed a watermelon will grow in your belly” i like that saying because it bring memories back up in my head from when i was young and live in the south myself.

  • Hello Katie, I found this post very interesting and completely true. Teen drivers especially today cannot bare to part from their phones for more than bout 5 minutes unless they absolutely have to. This is a very important issue today. I’m sure if teens and young adults could just wait to check their phones when they get to where they are going,…[Read more]

  • Hello Stardazia, This was a very good piece. I connected with the part where you mentioned being from having to be home before the street light comes on. I used to have to be home before the street like came on as well. It was very interesting! I would love to know the background story about cussing people out in Haiti. Great work!
    – Skylar

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