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    Dear Elliot,
    I love this poem, I am surprised at how relatable this poem is to me. This poem connects to many readers in the world as can be seen in your comments section. A line from your literature that really stood out to me was when you said, “I remember feeling guilty about these selfish thoughts.”. This line demonstrates…[Read more]

  • I really like the way in which you describe the pain individuals with depression are going through. However, I do not necessarily agree with your statement. If someone claims to be depressed they should be helped not made to beleive they are doing it for attention. People do not state they are depressed because, they want something to complain…[Read more]

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    Wonderful poem Bella! I love how you added the three fingers statement, it was very clever of you. Your message got to the reader quick and I like how you revealed the woman/girls point of view.

  • Skayla wrote a new post, She Remembers 3 years ago

    She remembers having two sisters…

    She remembers experiencing loss for the first time but having to hide it because,

    “Everything was going to be okay.”

    She remembers her face and her smile.

    She remembers

    • Beautiful poem, I feel a lot of remorse and bittersweet afterword. The concluding sentence really strikes home for what the audience has been dreading and is a powerful piece overall.

    • Chloe replied 3 years ago

      Good job, this is a beautiful but saddening poem. I agree with Jackson, you sort of guide the reader, building up to the end. The suspense happens naturally, even though the resolution is grievous. Well done.

    • Lisa replied 3 years ago

      your poem is so great! it really made me feel something inside i guess i got pretty emotional. Its very sad too. The line where you said,”She doesn’t remember watching her grow because she never did.” really made me think about what you possibly went through. overall i love your poem.

    • Ciara replied 3 years ago

      Your poem is very moving. It has a very bittersweet feeling. I connect to the feeling of wanting to learn about someone, and never being able to have a real connection with them. The line “There are no more memories/And she does remember her death.” Your poem is fantastic and moving.

    • Your poem is lovely. I can really feel your emotion behind it when I read it. I cannot directly relate to it, but certain ideas of it are very relatable. Overall awesome job.

  • Skayla wrote a new post, Listen! 3 years ago

    and confusion reigned

    The Student body, an embodiment of chaos

    Laughter and amusement seeded within me

    How can your voices be heard, when you don’t hear each other?

    Photo by torbakhopper

    • Chloe replied 3 years ago

      Short but sweet. I like this poem because as a student I can relate to the fact that it is always loud and everyone is talking, but one is hardly ever heard. It is a frustrating cycle to be stuck in. I also enjoyed the photo that goes along with the poem, abstract and kind of cluttered. Well done.

    • I really like your poetry, and I like all the words you used for the poem that makes the picture so descriptive for the poem, it short but it has all the words you need to understand. It is really pretty. Congrats!

    • Jack replied 3 years ago

      I like this a lot. Great wording and get’s a point across in a driving and short manner. You should do some more like this 🙂

    • Naomi replied 3 years ago


      I really enjoy your style of poetry. I like how you used very few words to get a big meaning across, and I think because of this, your poem was even more impactful. Also, this can be interpreted in so many ways, which personalizes the poem for each person and read. Great job!

  • Riot, riot, riot!

    Scream ’till your lungs burn,

    Burn your messages in their minds.

    Riot, riot, riot!

    Let’s all try and trump Trump,

    Steal his voice. Silence him like he does to us.

    Riot, riot, riot!


    • Max replied 3 years ago

      Dear Skayla:

      I am satisfied with your poem, “Riot, Riot, Riot!,” because… You expressed the hate everyone should be feeling for trump, and also described some bad things trump does to us.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Steal his voice. Silence him like he does to us.

      ” I think this is accurate because trump always goes “SSHHHH!!!” whenever somebody tries to talk at one of his rallies.

      Another sentence that I noticed was: “ Riot, riot, riot!

      Scream ’till your lungs burn,

      Burn your messages in their minds” This stood out for me because you’re going a bit over the top. Trump is a terrible person and all, but this is a bit extreme.

      I do thankfully agree with you that Trump is bad. One reason I say this is because he is rude and disrespectful to women as a whole. Another reason I agree with you is because trump is an offense to all immigrants in our country, Muslims, Mexicans, and many more.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I want to see you react more to political events that will change history.

    • This poem does a very good job at raising the intense feeling that both the pace of your poem and message encourages us too. Leaving out the politics you had very good pacing of your stanza and keep your point short and sweet.

    • I think your poem does a very good job at offering such a powerful message about what is occurring in our society. With repition and other literary tools your poem is powerful and has a great style and sound.

    • Skayla- at first I thought that maybe your poem would benefit from more specificity about what exactly Trump does to us and how you think we should respond. However, I realized that the ambiguity of your poem may have been intentional for added dramatic effect which I think you succeeded in doing. My question for you is- what about Trump angers you most?

    • Skayla,
      I think we should oppose Trump however we should do it peacefully and respectfully.

  • I want a bisexual for president

    I want someone who loves regardless of gender for president

    I want someone who believes in equality among all for president

    I guess I want someone I can aspire to

    I want someone

    • Dave replied 3 years ago

      This is packs a lot of meaning in just a few lines. I feel your passion for the president you want. You pointed out the wrongs of the recently elected president, Donald Trump.

  • The oceans waves and breaths of salt enveloped me and so my colors changed

    A white so pure it came from the pearls now infused with the colors hidden in the ocean

    I’ve been through a journey that would take y

    • I thought this was a really interesting poem. I liked the connections you made between the life in the ocean to yourself. Good Job!

    • Dear Skayla,
      your poem left me speechless, I just have one word: BEAUTIFUL! This poem is amazing! I love the part where you said “The ocean waves and breaths of salt enveloped me and so my colors changed. I can’t wait for your next post! ^.^

    • Skayla,
      This is a really nice poem. Even though its title was “Seashell,” I had failed to realize that the poem was told from the POV of a seashell, and I was pleasantly surprised after reading the last line of the poem.

    • Really great poem Skayla I think that while protecting the environment is very important celebrating it is equally if not more important. We must first appreciate nature before we completely commit to conserving it as there are economic downsides to full scale climate change policies

    • Katie replied 3 years ago

      This is a unique and beautiful poem. I like the way you use descriptive words to make your poem just flow. I also have never read a poem from the POV of a seashell so props to you for creativity. I enjoyed this.

  • I am from worn out books,

    From Goya and lost disc tapes.

    From the park we call Inwood

    (Green trees and plants to hide your secrets and crimes,

    where you have no choice but to let

    the smell of pine engulf

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    I love how this poem gave me insight into who you are as a person as well as your family, you used descriptive language in “I am from the constant sound of kitchen noise, Pots banging, timers beeping, water boiling.” to give people imagery which I found amazing.