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  • Very nice job on this one. This was very well written any honestly feels like it’s coming from the perspective of these professional athletes who went through the struggles of having to deal with it. Marijuana does not enhance sports performance, and is mainly used to combat pain. I think allowing players to use it is more than acceptable, and…Read More

  • This is interesting. You brought up some good questions about why the rates of the cases are going up. The amount of cases has only increased, and now we’re getting an alarming amount. Do you think schools should go all online. This website was…Read More

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    How can we Handle Covid-19?

    Sanjay Kasturi Judge Memorial Recovering from Covid-19 seems like a hard thing to do. Especially living in times like these. The Atlantic says “the US should be held responsible for the outbreak.” The way that it was handled by our government...

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    • I agree with the author about the part that we can come together as a nation and go through Covid-19. However, if there is something to add, I would say that we have to come together as a world, not a nation because the virus is all around the world taking numerous people’s life.


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How can we Handle Covid-19?

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