• Dear Katie,
    I also think it is very important to read a lot because now people are only paying attention to their phones. Like you said reading something online isn’t as good as reading an actual book. Plus you might get to distracted.

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    Dear Vanessa,

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    I like how you really elborated on your topic. It is specific and I really enjoy it. Great job Shirley. I really enjoyed reading this.

  • Chris I agree with your post it is really important that everyone gets a chance to live even if they are different colors. I like how at the end you said that if your were black you would want respect. It will really make people see how important this issue is.

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  • Dear Future President,

    I would like to congratulate to for being the next president. I would like to talk to you about an important issues in the United States.

    The issue I am about to address is all of the

    • Dear Siera,
      I strongly agree with your post, police are harming innocent people, and its gotta stop. Everyone’s lives matter and everyone’s life is equally important. Just because we are a different race it doesn’t mean we should be treated differently. Thanks for sharing your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next. (Which is obviously gonna be great!) ^.^

    • I believe that Police are harming people and there are a handful of police officers in our world that are bad people, and take advantage of their jobs; with that said I believe that there are also a lot of really good police officers in our community that help millions of people. I think that the solution is not trying to regulate all police officers from doing their jobs, but instead make a system to better filter out the police officers that are going to cause issues and problems.

    • I agree, strongly, with your post. Many police officers are taking advantage and horsing around with the authority of their jobs, but there are also many positive officers that are protecting us from the violence we don’t even see in our communities. Your writing is extremely intriguing, I cant wait to see more!!

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