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Suicide Rates in Differing Groups

The author introduces the highest suicide rates.

The author claims that cultural ties can protect POC Americans from turning to suicide.

The author introduces an additional explanation of high suicide rates among white Americans.

The author introduces a cause to high suicide rates in white Americans.

The author refutes the previous argument explaining that loss of culture can increase suicide rates in Latino families.

The author introduces that throughout history black Americans expect to experience hardships in life which limits the likelihood of turning to suicide.

The author identifies an additional explanation for low suicide rates in black Americans.

The author introduces an explanation for low suicide rates in black Americans. The author also implies that there are medical disparities for black Americans.

The author recognizes that suicide rates in white Americans are higher even though black Americans suffer more societal inequities.

The author introduces causes to the failing mental health of black Americans.

The author introduces how suicide rates affect Americans.

What does Mental Health Look Like for College Students of Color?

The author presents a solution to caring for the mental health of students of color while elaborating on the difficulties students of color face.

The author implied that universities should be responsible for protecting the mental health of students of color.

The author introduces that the college environment is a reason students of color have struggling mental health.

The author introduces the large gap that differentiates students of color from receiving mental health services.

The author uses selective diction to show the grave effects Henrietta's death had on her family's emotional and physical well-being.

The author shows how medical professionals abused Henrietta's privacy again.

The author implicitly refers to the fact that the Lacks family never received any compensation for Henrietta's renowned cells. Therefore, the biggest payment from medicinal abuses was a settlement that was worth less than Henrietta's cells.

The author shows how other members of Henrietta's family have become test subjects in medicine.

The author shows how Henrietta's death has impacted all aspects of her family.

The author shows that Henrietta's family has been forced to move on.

What Does Mental Health Look Like in Minority Youth?

Addressing cultural practice can serve as a solution to mental health.

There are underlying issues to why minority youth don't seek mental health help.

Minority youth don't only face mental health but also face discrimination and microaggressions that contribute to failing mental health.

Struggling mental health can result in traumatic futures.

Minority groups tend to receive less mental health support than white groups.

Racial and ethnic minority groups are significantly increasing.

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