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    Dear Naralee,
    Your post made me think about how some women who have had abortion turn their life around for the better. It also made me think about the reasons women get abortions, they don’t always do it to better themselves, they do it to better the life their child would’ve had. Something I wonder is about the women who didn’t get an abortion…Read More

  • Dear Judith.
    Your post made me think about women who live in abortion banned states and how they are affected. It also made me think about the amount of women who travel out of state to get access to an abortion. Something I wonder is how many women travel out of state for an abortion but still get denied.

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    Women's Right to An Abortion

    In this text, “Sarah”(Sarah 2021) the central idea is that the author had an abortion while being in a toxic relationship with her partner and didn’t regret it.  In support of their central idea, the author writes  “The relationship...

    Read More
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    Dear Sarah,
    Your post made me think about the reason mother’s choose to have an abortion. The public often shames the mother’s for getting an abortion but do not think about the circumstances the mother is in. Something I wonder is how does a mother who wants to have abortion finally come to that decision.

    Sienna Ruiz

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    Dear Giuliani,
    Your post made me think about the women who had no choice but to do home abortions when it first was banned. Like you said it also made me think about the women living in an anti abortion state. As you continue to research, I hope you discover how those women feel and what they’re options are.

    Sienna Ruiz

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Women’s Right to An Abortion

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