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Carbon Fibre Composites in Bicycle Construction

File: ResearchEssay My aim in this research was to discover the benefits of carbon fibre over other metals such as aluminum alloys in bicycle construction. I found that carbon fibre bicycle frames are more aerodynamic, lighter and stronger than those of aluminum alloy. The misconception that carbon fibre is extremely weak and fragile comes from people using the material in years past without […]

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What is the best material to use for mountain bike construction? (Engineering)

Print this page. Author Anna

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Carbon Fibre vs. Aluminum Online Research

There are various types of bikes for different styles of biking, such as mountain, road, downhill and BMX. I already know a lot about mountain biking because I’ve been doing it for most of my life. I also know a little about BMX biking because I owned one when I was younger. However, I don’t know much about road and […]

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Fracture Toughness EBSCO Research

To ensure quality resources with usable information, I used an online database called EBSCO to do some of my resource. One source I found was the study of strength and fracture behavior of different types of carbon composites. A number of composites were studied, but I was most interested in comparing longitudinal oriented fibres with transversal oriented fibres.  After looking […]

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Biking Materials Gale Research

In my research, I tried to learn a little more about the materials used in bike construction and how they affect performance. According to USA Today, road bikes are typically the lightest bikes in the Olympic Games, weighing between 16 to 18 pounds. Their frames are usually made of titanium, carbon, aluminum, or a titanium-aluminum blend. Cross country mountain bikes weigh […]

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Should the Government Invest in Green Energy?

Renewable energy is a subject that the Obama Administration has taken great interest in. The government is trying to deviate from traditional energy sources like natural gas and petroleum that pollute when burned. Alternative forms of energy include hydroelectricity, nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, biofuel, and the hydrogen economy. One promising form of alternative energy in Utah […]

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How do chameleons change color?

All chameleons can change color, although some are more variegated than others. Contrary to popular belief, chameleons do not change color to blend in with their surroundings, but rather change color based on their mood or to appear more threatening when something has entered their territory. Other animals, like the squid, have the same abilities, but they must gradually accumulate […]

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