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  • I like how you talk about his from two perspectives. It is more flexible for students to manage their time, to maintain school and their work time. Also brings the disadvantage for the students who don’t have good self-discipline, especially in the younger generation. I totally agree with that. Their parents don’t have the time to spend with the…Read More

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    How to protect our personal information from leaking

    Do you worry about your personal information being leaked on the internet? We enter in our information to create a new account, register for events, or post pictures on social media. The internet is witnessing each of your actions...

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    • Shuang, your post definitely caught my attention as I was scrolling by. I like the fact that you not only told the readers what the risks of losing your personal information over the internet were, but you gave ways in which one could prevent this from happing to them. I’ll be using these suggestions myself to prevent getting my information stolen, and let my family and friends know to do this too. Thank you Shuang!

    • Shuang, your post is one that caught my attention when I was looking for a post to comment on. I like that you are writing about something that is very important to teenagers and everyone in general because I know for me this is something that I am interested in and cares about a lot because it is hard to protect our own personal information when it is online whether that is signing up for a website and even when we create a social media profile because we do tend to forget what we can and can’t put out there on the world wide web because we don’t know who is looking at it from the other end. Your post helped me to remember that I will defiantly keep that in my mind. Thank you for sharing that information with me, Shuang.

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    How to reduce the rich-poor gap

    Before we answer this question, we should know what the rich-poor gap is and why is that so important. Parently, the rich-poor gap is the gap between rich and poor, also known as Economic inequality. In the economy, there...

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    • Hi Shuang! I like your take on the gap between the poor in the wealthy. Also, I agree with your opinion and I appreciate the ideas/information you provided. Personally, I have always agreed that education is one of the most important things to help the poor get better jobs and are in a higher wages. But, even though there are ways for these people to get good education sometimes they may not always know how to use it. They may not know how to get a good job or how to apply to jobs or how to even apply to colleges, etc. that’s why I think not only education is important but also teaching them how to use their education day-to-day. It’s funny how you you say people What disagree with you on taxing the rich because I definitely agree with you. I have always believed in this, especially when I know that there are people that are not even earning minimum-wage. While these multi millionaires are gaining so much money from the hard work that these people put in. it is a problem in many societies and in countries, and hopefully it will be resolved peacefully. There are those who don’t know what is going on, so hopefully they will be educated and not understand what is going on with other people. Thank you for your opinion! I do agree with you and it’s nice knowing that someone else has the same ideas as I do!

  • I like how you talk about this question from different perspectives. First, I agree with more gun control laws be enacted, but we should still be allowed people to have the gun just in case. As a person from a country where the citizen doesn’t be allowed to use a gun, I was surprised that why the US can allow people to own a gun. But for whatever…Read More

  • I disagree with you. Having a job and a driver license only can prove that most of the teen at age 16 has the ability to drive and do the work at places like restaurants or children camp. Even some of them are doing an internship at a hospital still doesn’t mean they are mature. Of cause, the height and depth of thought may not match the age, but…Read More


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