• Cacausia is book written by Danzy Senna about the story of Birdie Lee, a multiracial girl, and her journey to discover herself as a black girl. The novel focus on racial passing and the identity of her

    • I am intrigued by the fact that two mixed women changed their race so that they could live a normal life. I get why they changed because at the time interracial relationship were illigeal and they were worried about their safety. I would have done the same thing if t would keep my famliy safe.
      One thing that stands out to me is “ Since Deck and Sandy married before this law was passed, this sprouted a conflict in that Sandy believed that she was being hunted by the FBI…Birdie in Caucasia faces a similar dilemma in that she had pass as a white Jewish girl so that she and her mom wouldn’t get caught by the feds.” I think that this is sad because i dont think people should get in trouble for loving someone. People back then were scared for their life which is not right to me.

  • American culture was built on freedom and liberty for all. People in modern day American idiots believe that a culture of only white people is true American culture. American culture should be encompassing all

    • Hello Jackalyn. American culture definitely has some values that are desired such as punctuality and hygiene that you mentioned. But, I think the negative aspects of our culture are highlighted and overshadow the positives. For example, mass shootings are becoming prominent in the recent years, but are by no means something that should be considered part of a culture. I would be interested to see your stance on how American culture has changed from 1900- present day. This article, http://nypost.com/2015/06/06/how-a-massive-silent-cultural-revolution-has-changed-america/ could be useful and interesting like it was to me.

    • I love the concept of this post Jackalyn,
      I think the idea of what defines American Culture is often times hard to define because there is so much diversity within the nation which makes it hard to pinpoint what the culture of America truly is. I like how you incorporated a variety of different problems or “cultures” that America has and it truly is different from other nations. One example you gave is how prominent discrimination is in the United States and how people “are often subject to racial profiling for simply ‘looking foreign’ “. This just shows how the nation views others based on stereotyping and physical appearances which often leads to disputes that are hard to handle. Thank you for bringing up this topic, I enjoyed reading about it and hope you continue to post.

    • America is a country of immigrants, a melting pot of cultures. We should acknowledge and embrace our differences and celebrate our nationality together. Here is a link about American culture that describes our how our history has shaped what we are today: https://www.livescience.com/28945-american-culture.html. America does have a checkered past, and some problems still remain. However, it is important to move forward from these and regain our original emphasis of liberty and equality for all. I agree that our country has some serious issues that need to be addressed…what can be done to solve these? Great post, I’m excited to see what you write next.

    • Jackalyn, your comment on American culture is important and is especially important to me because I am not born in America but consider myself as an American. I like how you stated in your first sentence that “America culture was built on freedom and liberty for all,” which I believe is what America is all about. America should not be based on your skin tone but the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to have freedom and liberty. Everyone should feel welcome no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, or any other factors that differ someone from society. Anyways, thanks for your comment and I’m excited to see what you write next because this is a problem that does need to be address especially in America.

    • Hi, Jackalyn! I believe American culture cannot be defined as one thing. As a country, we have many beliefs that cross others, but we should be able to overlook our differences and work together as one for a better country. The fight against racism and intolerance has never ended- and probably never will end if we cannot consider what it is like to be in the other person’s shoes. American culture is defined by the journey we have traveled, and the freedom we have to take our own journies. American culture is defined by the social actions exhibited on a day to day basis. American culture is defined by overcoming intolerance, no matter how grand, and acknowledging the struggles others had to make to even be here. Although America is NOT a perfect country, we are farther ahead than lots of other countries when it comes to things like women and minority rights- which also defines our culture- but in no way is the fight over.

    • Jackalyn,
      America sure does have a lot to work on. We are by no means a perfect country but we have come a long way. I think that inequalities and prejudices are one of America’s biggest struggles along with how we treat the environment. However, we have accomplished many things like our independence and we should be proud of the many Americans that have fought for equality. Hopefully America will continue to work towards the better.

    • Hi Jackalyn!
      I think you have some great points here! I do think this could develop into something very awesome, especially considering how diverse American culture has become.
      Why do think our bullying is so bad here? How can improve our country more?

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