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  • Hi Sephora! I agree that at sixteen, many, especially in this time and age, are introduced to many political, social, and economic issues throughout the world, whether it be through social media, people in the community, or school. In addition, there are only two years between sixteen and eighteen, and they are all school years. Some may enter…Read More

  • Hi Madison! This post raises the fundamental issue that many students in the education system can relate to but are compelled to ignore because of pressure and the standards of the people around them who want them to succeed, the irony. Some students may enjoy learning about the sciences or literature, but many others go into programming, the…Read More

  • Hi Amulya, I agree with your claim that to be American means to have equal freedoms. In many other governments, the freedom of speech is forbid and the citizens cannot openly criticize political figures. In America, people do that everyday as demonstrated in social media forums and television skits. In history, countries have had mandatory…Read More

  • Shikha commented on the post, Save the World

    Hi Selena. You bring up a topic that has been discussed, warned about, and dismissed over the last few decades. The solutions you offer are proven to work actions more people should be taking. The main problem is indecisiveness of humans to act on these type of issues. That is a repetitive behavior that has been in human nature ever since the…Read More



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