One thing that defines people as American is freedom of choice. America is built upon the idea that all people have rights that cannot be take away, and that everyone has the freedom to choose what they want

  • Dear Shreeya,
    I think that your use of evidence in this piece is very valuable to your topic. It gets right to the main topic of the passage and accurately shows the reader a representation of the American Values that you mention.

  • There has been a lot of discussion about what “American Values” are. What the things are that make us Americans. I believe that the core american values are opportunity, equality, and freedom of voice. These are

    • I agree with the things that make us Americans. Opportunity, equality, and freedom of voice are the things that help to make America what it is. If we didn’t have them where would be today.

    • Hey Rhea,
      I agree with your statement that opportunity, equality, and freedom are the key values that make up our American creed. When you were talking about opportunity I liked how you talked about how opportunities are around us every day in life and with that I thought it was interesting how you talked about our high school has programs that offer kids many different job opportunities for the future. I wonder what America would be like today if these values weren’t a part of the American creed? would America still be a developing country or not?

  • Dear Devin,
    I completely agree with the points that you mentioned in this post. Lots of people this country believe that because a group of people did something, that other people like them will end up doing the same bad things. They see them as all having the same set of intentions. Everyone is their own person and should not be labeled because…[Read more]

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