One of the most important things in my life is happiness. Happiness is defined as: “a state of well-being and contentment.” My mom always tells me “it’s easier to be happy than to waste the energy being mad.”H

    • Shenika,

      I am very satisfied with your post because I see all the key elements to being happy. One thing you said that stood out to me is ” People can find different ways to find happiness that are unique to them. Whether it be a hobby, relationships, or a sport; each of us having something that makes us smile.” I like this quote because I can totally agree with it. Everybody has something in their life that makes them smile. To keep me happy I play basketball.



    • Ivana replied 4 weeks ago

      Dear Shenika,

      I am satisfied with your post because it is nothing but positivity. You only talk about the good and not the bad. One thing you said that stands out to me is, “The only place I have seen my favorite kind of happiness is Haiti.” I love this because you made your own connection to the type pf happiness that makes you feel good with the kids running around without shoes. Shows that the kids there are taught to make their happiness regardless of what they have. Really stood out to me.



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