• Your summary is good, but the graphic was not very informative. Since the 3 things at the bottom of the page did not make sense (family seperation makes US gov. have to pay to) that statement didn’t make snese. The graph neede to have more info to make more effective.

  • What does it mean for the US map when you go over a state and it gives are and population numbers (California Area:40 Population:60) since I was confused on that map. I would put more info on the causes on the website but besides the map it is really easy to read and gives a lot of information.

  • Abstract- Germany and Japan recovered from World War II because they both had help from other countries while recovering. They also recovered quickly because both countries adopted American and capitalist ideals

  • Japan has had great success in the technology industry and is using that to have a +15 billion profits when competing with America according to  American Association for the Advancement of Science. Japan is u

  • Japan was placed under the SCAP or Supreme Command of Allied Powers which was commanded by General MacArthur, to rebuild the country without the possibility of it remilitarizing. The Allies had war crime trials

  • This topic is cool, since if the Ertl method proves to be the best method for amputations then maybe amputations will no longer hinder people in their lives. It is very well written since it describes the background of the Ertl method and how it works, and you also connect to your own life which makes this post compelling.

  • This is a really interesting topic because it could cure numerous diseases but this kind of research also has serious implications of what we should do with this technology. It is well written since it talks about the benefits of this research. And how this research is being used to help advance medicine. It also covers the drawbacks and the…[Read more]

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  • This is a good poem because it challenges what has been taught in society, it addresses an important issue today in American and this will be an important issue tomorrow. I like how you echo the first part of your poem at the end I think it wraps a nice bow on this poem.

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    This is a good poem because it is honest and shows what life is like. This is a good poem because it has real emotion.

  • Curtis,

    I liked this post because it didn’t complain about the result and only hope for the best in the next 4 years. I also like how you also highlighted an issue where Trump can improve and make this country a better place. Since you addressed a specific and stayed upbeat about the topic at hand.

  • I think that this is a great topic to write about since this problem if not addressed will only get worse. If enough people talk about this issue and put their heads together. But I do’t know of any solutions for our plastic problem so if you can do an other post about a solution I would love to see it.

  • I think this is a great idea and campaign, since it is such a simple thing to do. I never realized how important something as common as a lightbulb could help educate people, and improves life in Sierra Leone. If something as simple as buying lightbulbs will help the world and improve over quality of life then this program will be great and…[Read more]

  • I think this is one of the biggest problems when dealing with immigration. Since Immigrants are hard pressed to contribute to a society since they cannot really interact their new society because of a color, language, or culture barrier. For Immigration to work we need to make Immigrants feel valued and offer programs where they can integrate into…[Read more]

  • Bitcoins are a new type of online currency, that only exists on the internet. Bitcoins are not controlled or regulated by any government, which begs the question. How can bitcoins be regulated and used only for

  • Can Humans ever live on Mars?

    There has been research and probes launched into the idea of inhabiting Mars. This universe today article shows both sides of the argument the pro-Mars argument says that we need

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