• Toxhiuhmolpilia is something that I have never heard of before, and is quite an interesting aspect of the Aztec culture. I really enjoyed reading about how their beliefs on the world were displayed, like this ritual that is held in order to prevent the world from ending. The description you have is very detailed and very alluring to any kind of…[Read more]

  • I like your research so far, I never really considered or thought about the tactics and practices used by Wayne Halliwell. I think that mental toughness can carry on into other aspects of life, not just athletics. I really like where you are taking this!

  • After looking through some Gale resources I discovered that the curse of the Hope Diamond dates back to the beginning of the diamond, where it was stolen from an Indian temple in the mid-1600’s. The gods were an

    • Shelby, I think this is really interesting! I had heard of the curse of the Hope Diamond before, but I had no idea how far back it dated. I would love to hear more about the Hope family, because I’m assuming that’s how the diamond got it’s name. Overall great job!

  • I have never heard of this paradox, and I am already intrigued with the information you presented. You asked previously why hadn’t any aliens or forms of life contacted earth. Do you think that they have tried or have contacted us? If so, do you think the public is hidden from it by the government? I am excited to read more!

  • I am interested to see what you come up with, I haven’t heard of the Elvis theory. I think that this research paper will be something abstract and intriguing!

  • The Hope diamond was originally purchased by a French merchant traveler Jean Baptiste Tavernier. The diamond was to have said to come from Kollur Mine in Golconda, India. This 112-3/16 carat diamond had a

  • I completely agree with you in that we as a country, need to take measures to help preserve the water resources in India. We need to come up with solutions to assist people in the rural areas of India. The question is how, when, who, and with what resources?

  • I was inspired by the book, Dead Man Walking by Sister Helen Prejean to gather information about the death penalty, and more specifically the electric chair method. The main character in the book, Patrick Sonnier

    • Wow what a great essay, I have learned so much thank you!

    • Hi Shelby,

      This is a really great essay! I agree that there is not really a humane form of capital punishment, and I also believe that it should not be happening in the United States of America. I really liked your descriptions about the way electrocution works–it is truly horrible that something like that can happen to a human being by the state that is there to supposedly protect them. I think that one of the biggest issues we have in America right now is our lack of mental healthcare. Many people suffer from mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder and we don’t really have the right means of help to get people what they need. Instead of murdering convicts (especially with the issue of bias in our court system), we should be spending money in providing therapy to potentially make our citizens more stable.

  • I haven’t read this book,however it does sound very interesting to me. I am not a big reader, but being that I am more interested in reading materials that relate more to me, I could get through this with ease. I look forward to reading this book, I hope it’s as good as you made it sound!

  • I have always wondered why chocolate tastes so good and it’s liked by so many. I’m curious as to what your research and findings will uncover about the mystery of chocolate. I suggest researching about the different kinds of chocolate-this may help you to better organize your findings and put the pieces together.

  • I’m overwelmed by the strength that this poem possesses. I am very appreciative that you are able to express your voice in this way so that our world can potentially be more sensitive and open about rape culture. In this poem I see the passion you have for our women in society today. I can see that you are in no way exaggerating the reality…[Read more]

  • I think this is a beautiful and very relatable poem to those who have relationships-not just romantic ones but friendly and family-like bonds with others. Using the universe in the context of the person you are addressing is clever in that its seems like at time the person can be a universe away.

  • Shelby commented on the post, STOP the child abuse! 3 years ago

    I think this issue of child abuse is so important! If you would want the president to intercede, how would you like him/her to go about handling this issue? I think your letter is spot-on, however it may be helpful to include some tips or suggestions so they can better assist/address this issue.

  • I really like what you stand for and have going here. This link http://nomore.org supports the movement to stand up against domestic violence. I believe there is a petition you can sign to further spread awareness of this growing issue.

  • Shelby commented on the post, Gay Marriage 3 years, 1 month ago

    I like the evidence you used, it was very informative! I learned a lot from this! I still can’t believe how long it took for gay marriage to be legalized. I didn’t realize how important the Stonewall Riots were for the LGBT community.

  • I think it’s important to recognize the pros and cons of abortion and take into consideration both arguments over whether to keep or get rid of abortion. Both sides are valid, I think that the matter of abortion is dependent upon the circumstance and should be primarily up to the mother not the law.

  • There are pros and cons to lowering the legal drinking age. Some say that by lowering the MLDA (minimum legal drinking age) teenage drinking may decrease; conversely this may increase the probabilities for risk

  • I believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is something that should be tended to immediately. To move forward as a nation we must work together to stop racism, prejudice, and violence against not only African

  • I am in full support of expanding our space research program due to the many benefits that it provides to the human race. In order to better our chances of surviving it’s crucial that we take all measures to

  • The term associated with the fear of public speaking is “glossophobia” and is described as a type of performance anxiety where one experiences extreme anxiety, and on occasions panic attacks, while speaking. Peo

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