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    How To Become A Better Writer

    How To Become A Better Writer How do I become a better writer? This question has been asked by countless numbers of students through the years. Many people struggle with writing, especially when it comes to essays. A problem that...

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    • Shawn, I would love to become a better writer. I am not the best writer in the world at the moment and I don’t write to bad but after reading what you said on how I can better myself in writing I think I’m going to write a ton better. I agree with what you said about the topic sentence because that really is the hardest part most of the time. A natural flow comes so easy and I find it one of the more fun things about writing. Editing is also one of the biggest things I feel most students don’t usually do just because they don’t want to take the time and go back to re look at their work because their work is “good enough”. I am guilty of doing this myself sometimes and I try to do the best I can and look over it as I go bu that really isn’t enough. Thanks for the post and the links are very helpful I like that you just summarized them up in your writing as well.

    • Hello Shawn, I like how you brought up “imitating” a writer. Just like with art, writers have their own styles and should experiment with others to find their own. I find that writing essays is much easier than writing books- just like you said, once you have the topic sentence, you could just go with the flow. However, I rarely go back to check for errors when writing essays compared to writing stories and that’s something a lot of people have to fix, including me.


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