• Dear Nasay,
    I am impressed about your post, ¨Free Black community¨ because it was informational. Given that we have wrote on the same topic, I learned more on the topic. on sentence that spoke out to me was Weeksvilles being home to 700 families. I think this is very informative because there was a lot of key details. Another sentence that I s…[Read more]

  • Recently in Current Events, we´ve been studying Weeksville. At first I thought about the project buildings wondering why we learning about old project buildings. When I read Weeksville Tours, I started to think wh

    • Hi Shaquala,

      Thank you for sharing your insights about the Weeksville settlement and what it meant then and now to the African-American community. As you mentioned, what an amazing thing to accomplish such an achievement at a time when it seemed insurmountable!

      I think you are right. It is important to hear these stories of success in the African-American community. And what do we do with this information? We need to research these stories of success and then share what we learn with others–our peers, family, teachers, community leaders etc. What are your thoughts for getting this critical information out there?

      I look forward to reading more of your posts.


      Ms. Lona

    • I never knew about weeksville until now so thank you for teaching me something new today.

    • Dear shaquala
      Wow This article really help me learn more about Weeksville because some of these facts i just looked over and sorted out things i felt was most important. This article was very informing.I feel that lots of people can learn from things that u said
      I agree with”One thing that I know for sure about Weeksville is that even though colored people were restricted from a lot, they fought and was rewarded with Weeksville.” it sums up a lot about black history.

    • Shaquala,
      Your statement on how in history, we only learn about the oppression of the black community is totally true. We never learn about the successes of black people. I also never knew Weeksville was a thing, and it’s crazy that that isn’t taught because it seems pretty relevant.
      Your essay was very informative and effectively introduces your readers to the existence of Weeksville.

    • To: Shaquala, your essay has gotten to me and had brought some emotions that i can’t express. Also keep up the good work. P.S. Keep on rocking!

    • This post is really interesting and well thought out. In my opinion based off of what I read, I think the reason why Weeksville was so unnoticed was the simple fact that there were no ways to get to brooklyn back then besides taking a ferry boat, and Weeksville already had a low population and was not even on the city map back then until later when the Brooklyn bridge was cread in the mid 1900’s. I learned that the Weeksville population grew to 500 with “new opportunities” thanks to your work.

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