• Sarah and I created this website, which will answer the question stated above, is abortion something that should be legal?

  • Nice info-graphic! It’s all put together very well and I believe that the information you put in it is very helpful. I can tell that this topic is really important to you.

  • This is Sarah and my infographic about abortion.

    • Hi Shannon,
      Good job with this infographic! I completely agree with your argument and the evidence you used to support it was very persuasive. The infographic I helped to created with my team was in support of Planned Parenthood and had to do with similar topics.

  • These are the annotations done by Sarah and me about pro abortion.

  • Hi Sejal, really good job writing this! We both chose the same subject to write about, so I very obviously have many opinions about this topic, too. I agree with your point of Mark Twain not being racist, and you bring up some very good points. Mark Twain was known for realism, and in realism comes local dialect. Would you agree that Mark Twain…[Read more]

  • Hi Sarah, really good job writing this! I very much agree with your analysis on Tom Sawyer. There were times when reading that I got extremely frustrated with Tom, much like it sounds like you also did too. Do you think Twain did that on purpose? I believe he did in order to show how much Huck has grown throughout the book. Using Tom’s frustrating…[Read more]

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is most definitely a book with quite the reputation. From the first day it was released, it was considered a banned book because of the fact that it used nasty

    • Hi Shannon! I agree with you about Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain not being racist. I think the book was more of a statement against racism even though that’s something that many people debate about. Something I’d like to commend you on is your use of comparing Huck Finn to now. The connection was really interesting, I believe.
      A question that I have for you is why might you think others would find this book racist? This book has such a vast conflicting audience, whether people believe Huck Finn is racist or that it’s not so I believe that it is important to think about how someone who might oppose your view would view the book.
      I think that you did a really good job explaining your point of view on this book and I think the quote you used fit in and worked really well for you.

  • Really good writing, Sarah! I agree with a lot of your points, and you can tell you feel very passionately about your topic.

  • When it was mentioned that we would be writing another This I Believe style paper, I decided that I have to write about my second choice under the music program, which is that there needs to be an actual

    • This is really good! It is extremely important to have a separation of church and state, not only because it’s not okay to force your views upon others, but because not everyone believes the same thing.

    • Shannon, I think this is very insightful. It really opened my eyes about some of the insider struggles of our government. Forcing views in someone is definitely not the way to go about things, and being in America we are a melting pot and we all don’t believe in the same things which is okay.

  • That’s a very good quote to analyze Sarah, and your analysis is very good. That quote almost reminds me of “breaking the fourth wall” in film making, because there are extremely few writers who mention themselves in their own writing.

  • “”No sir.” I says, “I don’t want to spend it. I don’t want it at all- nor the six thousand , nuther. I want you to take it; I want to give it to you-the six thousand and all.”

    “Don’t ask me no questions

    • I really like how you thought about what kids in abusive families have to go through and all the struggles that take place in their life. This quote did seem pretty clear at showing that and i agree with the path you took in analyzing it. Good job!!!!

  • If I had to pick one thing I am most thankful that I chose, it would have to be that fateful email I sent in fifth grade asking my band director if I could switch from clarinet to oboe. Yes, I was ok at clarinet,

    • Shannon, I really like how you wrote about your love of music and how it is a huge part of your life! I can relate that trying to become better at something, especially at playing an instrument, often requires hard work and can be frustrating, but it’s the best feeling when your hard work pays off at the end.

    • This is really good! I’m glad that you wrote about something I know that is a big part of your life. Playing an instrument is definitely something that you have to work for and to put in so many years into it is a huge accomplishment.

    • I like your post and how you wrote about how a hobby can changes a life. I think it is very important to have something in your life that is important for you, for example a sport or a club.

    • This is really interesting! I’m also in Okemos and the music program is pretty intense, so I can understand the frustration that comes with playing an instrument. But after many years, I can see how playing an instrument can be rewarding.

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  • Dear Mr. Future President,

    Have you looked recently at the amount of kids stuck in the adoption system? 400,000. 400,000 kids right now who don’t have the security of a family. If you do what you are right now

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