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    Ellie, This is an incredibly moving and relatable piece. The emotion that you contribute to this essay really helps portray the need for a change in gun laws. When you said, “People are sick and tired of being afraid to go to school, and parents shouldn’t have to live in constant fear that they will drop their children off at school and never s…[Read more]

  • Sam, I was very interested in your post at first because of the clever title. Then I read the first sentence and it continued to draw me in. I really like the quote and I think it ties into your essay perfectly. I agree with what you think the American dream is becoming. It truly is being focused on money and greed and less about uniting together…[Read more]

  • The United States of America started out as immigrants from places all over the world trying to start a new life, with new culture and new beginnings. The words on the Statue of Liberty, “give me your tired, y

    • This is a good topic. But my thought on it is that we do have stereotypes and as a country and individuals, we all make them. They shouldn’t affect us though. As long as yourself knows and understands that a stereotype about you isn’t true….it shouldn’t matter.

    • Lila, I loved how you transitioned from inequality with Firoozeh story to the different opportunities in America. I agree that out of all countries in the world, the U.S. is place to make yourself something with the freedoms we are given. I find the Harvard study that scientist did to be very interesting and showed good results. Very impressed with this piece!

  • Hi Grace!
    I agree with your claim that the first amendment rights are the most important. If we weren’t able to voice our own opinions, this world would be a lot different today. Although racial equality has improved immensely since Martin Luther King’s time we still have a lot to work through. I am really interested in the part where you talk…[Read more]

  • Owen,

    I was really interested in your paper because of how intriguing your opening paragraph is. It really made me want to keep reading and your sentence fluency is amazing! I agree with your claim, and I also believe that equality and opportunity are extremely important. This really is a nation of opportunity. Great work!:)

  • Lillie- I really loved your paper! Even though we have many freedoms and are a melting pot, we still have many issues that need fixing. I really liked the part of your paper when you talked about how our differences make us unique, but also bring us together and how we, as Americans, really rely on one another. You did a great job with the flow of…[Read more]

  • Allison,

    I really liked your post because I agree with your choices of what you believe the important american values are. In my paper, I also used equality as one of the values I believe is most significant. One thing that you said that stood out to me was when you talked about our differences and how we all have many different opinions, even on…[Read more]

  • There are many different opinions on what American values entail and what the American dream is. To me, individuality and equality are the most important values. These two values may seem contradicting at first.

    • I agree with your statement “Without the values of equality and individuality, our country would not be the same. We would be missing the culture, the diversity, and the opportunity to pursue our American dream.”. If no one ever did anything different we would be a sad group of people with no electricity, but over time Humans specifically Americans have strived to have their own indivuality. I like how you brought up the example of how families are changing, because most people can relate or know of a family that is not the same as everyone.

    • Your comparison of individuality and equality is interesting, because you’re right- they do seem contradictory at first. although, the concept of equality is especially relevant when discussing individuality, as equality pertains to the fair and balanced treatment of people despite their differences. These ideas are essential in the discussion of American family, American culture, etc. Your discussion of newly diversifying families was particularly interesting to me, as it seems like communities have recently become more accepting of racially diverse families, same sex couples, etc. and I’m glad the data shows a new predominance in diverse families in the US to reflect this new equality and acceptability.

    • Lila,

      Thanks for posting on this discussion topic. I really enjoyed reading your piece. One part really stood out to me as I read along, when you said that “many citizens believe that the American dream is purely materialistic.” I found this sentence particularly interesting because I hadn’t really thought about this before and it is scarily accurate. I thought it was a very good idea to use “The Changing American Family” as a source because it applies to your argument very well. Overall this piece left me wondering what I think the American dream is really about. Thanks for posting!


    • Lila, I completely agree with your statement that equality and individualism are one of the same in our society. The fact that we are independent with individual thoughts and beliefs living in a civilization where we are surrounded by separate and divergent ideas and perspectives is a huge sign of equality. In a world where every one is different we have equal rights to speak our minds and express our individual opinions.

  • Lindsay,

    I am intrigued by your post because I have many friends that are sets of twins, and I think the concept of how you can grow together, yet also be very different is interesting. One thing that you said that stands out to me was when you talked about how twins in the future look for a closeness with other people, because they are so used…[Read more]

  • Dear John,

    I am interested in your post because I agree that as a country, we need to unite together and fix these terrible issues, but in a peaceful way. One thing that you said that stood out to me is ” As a teenager in America there are teenagers 14-19 that are dying by drama, police brutality, and school shootings. I think the leaders of…[Read more]

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