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    Dear Jimmy Wales,

    My 9th-grade team is writing to you because we share some similarities on fake news. The issue we are fighting again is that the government and citizens are spreading the fake news all around

    Letter On Fake News To Jimmy Wales

    Authors Dear Jimmy Wales, My 9th-grade team is writing to you because we share some similarities on fake news. The issue...

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    • Hey there Fernando, Sharai and Shania,

      My name is Luz Avalos and I agree with what you are all saying. Many people are spreading fake news that it is now hard to know what’s real and what isn’t. The thing with this is that people with a lot of power are also spreading fake news, like you all said the government is spreading fake news everywhere. My question is, how will someone be able to know when some news they are receiving are fake?

    • Hello,

      I understand how you think some news are fake and I sometimes feel the same but how are we supposed to be sure that the news are fake and that they are hiding something from us? How can you prove your point?

  • Dear Lilian,
    I appreciate the feedback you gave me because this shows that people actually read what I post and this makes my blogs better. I like how you explained why you like certain parts/quotes in my post because this tells me you might of had some connections or it was just something you liked about it and I really liked how you did that.…Read More

  • Dear Joana,
    I really like the fact that you were really detailed in your writing about the animal testing because animal testing is a big deal. Especially because scientists and doctors are killing them. “There are laws that protect animal cruelty” I like this quote because most people wouldn’t want to save the animals, they don’t care about t…Read More

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    Dear Daniel
    I like how you was talking about the human and animal testing, but how you introduced henrietta lacks in the situation. I love the fact that you stated “ The doctors didn’t tell the family or the patient. They kept the family in the dark. “Scientists have used HeLa cells to develop the polio vaccine; they have gone into space and h…Read More

  • Dear Manuel Mercado

    I love everything about what you wrote because it is true. It also explains the what the nazi’s did what they were doing their actions for. You state “The nazi’s contucted painful and deadly experiments on thousands of concentration camps prisoners without their consent” this is a good piece of evidence because it talks a…Read More

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