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idk where exactly this place i but i do know from the way he described it, his hometown is very nice

this poem gives off very calm and relaxed vibes i like it alot

he repeats “old town, my town” because that the main focus and he wants people to remember that what the poems mostly about

i think that having a rainbow families means you have a very joyful family

its not the babys fault that they were made and brought into the world. they shouldn't treat the baby differently the baby is apart of fonny and their family as well

tishs baby which isn't right.

yea, its not the baby fault and the baby shouldn't be included or treated badly especially since they are not born yet

i mean they are really young, so i see why it can be a problem but like you said the baby will bring them closer and everything will workout

ofc he does, his son is being blamed for something he didnt do and he cant even be here with tish through the pregnancy

yea when something goes wrong in a persons life they loose faith in god but everything happens for a reason and thing will get better later on. bad moments dont last forever

i can tell that tish was kinda nervous and wondering what her dad will say

same,i dont think most families eat at the table that much anyways even tho thats what its there for

Joseph did a good thing here. He accepts the father of his daughters baby.

i think shes getting prepared for her child. she needs all the money she can get to take care of her baby. Fonny is in jail so shes really on her own if you think about it. A mother has to do what shes gotta do no matter the circumstances.

you can be right. but also just because people do kind things dosent mean they dont do wrong. Yes i believe that Fonny is a good person but its possible he makes bad choices too.

i also think hes innocent. But im speaking in general like he can make bad choices too yk.

i agree. Back then females would always blame a black man for rape. To get them put in jail. Its all a set up they all know he didnt do it

yea that is kinda weird. I think theres a meaning behind it tho

she was too young to be in relationships at the time. she didn't have nothing to offer because she was a child.

shes starting to get scared and shes overthinking, nobody can calm her down right now.

Back then kids like Fonny and Tish were treated horrible, they were treated like they were not worthy of nothing.

he does seem ashamed to admit that. Maybe back then that wasn't considered a good thing i guess.

After what just happened they're acting like nothing happened and that everything is just normal when it isnt. Thats weird.

Fonnys parents relationship is unacceptable.

Tish talks about how proud she is of fonny, im glad that hes handling being in jail.

i agree with you.

he didn't spit first. Tish hit him in the face with a stick that had a nail in it and she cut his face. So he chased her and then spited in her face for cutting him.

it seems like Tish had a weird friendship with Fonny when they were younger, also with the rest of her friends.

i see that Tish and Fonny have something in common. They both dont go by their birth names, i wonder why does he goes by Fonny instead of Christened Alonzo

i wonder whats the real meaning behind the name Tish. Why did her family started calling her that instead of her birth name? Hopefully the reason they call her that is positive.

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