• Should college athletes be paid?

    The Call to Pay College Athletes Misdiagnoses the Problem

    Paying college athletes will destroy the atmosphere, culture, and traditions that surround college athletics today,

    • Sam, I agree with your opinion about how college football might loose tradition and love for the game. I also believe that with the distraction of money and sponsorships, many athletes may be more in it for the money than the tradition, love, and education that these schools bring.

    • Riley replied 1 month ago

      Hey Sam! I agree with everything you said in this article. These athletes are putting themselves in danger for long term brain damage if the do so decide to play football, and these players should be paid because of the risks. But on the other hand, these players make the choice to play for the football team. The choice they make can either give them long term brain damage or make them a national super star.

    • Sam, I agree with this article you wrote. I agree that if we pay athletes there is a risk of the love of the game going away. However you make another good point in that some of these athletes are professional-level athletes who should be getting payed to play a dangerous sport.

  • This poem is great. I really like the tone and rhythm. I thought using questions every other line for the first handful of lines was cool because it got the readers to begin to answer them and think about the problem for themselves. I agree with your stance here and thought it was refreshing to hear this take. I agree in that we can’t just blame…[Read more]

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    I really liked how you used the problem of opioid use as an introduction for your argument. It made your claim authentic and mature by presenting a solution to a present problem. You did a good job of providing a lot of facts from credible sources and weaving them into your article nicely.

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