• Most people know that stress is a problem and that it often affects people’s health. But the problem now is finding the proper way for you to manage your stress. Some common stress relievers are running, yoga,

    • Sierra,
      I agree that stress is a problem and I think it’s an even bigger problem than people know about. While running tends to cause your stress, mine is caused by school. At my school, it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of studying or homework you have to accomplish on a daily basis. I manage it in a similar way to you, exercise. I play basketball and whenever I step onto the court, I am able to forget about all of the troubles I have and just have a good time. I’ve never tried breathing exercises or yoga to relieve my stress because whenever I sit in a calm situation I tend to think about the things that stress me out. Is that not a problem for you?

    • I strongly agree onto the fact that stress could be a big problem into your life. But, it is important to manage it, which you clearly bring up. I would like for you to explore further onto this idea by being social or going out to places to release the stress. I have tried yoga in 6th grade which was fun trying and it definitely does help to get rid of the stress. It would be aweasome if you could list out some other ways you could tackle stress by responding to mhy comment. It was really interesting reading your post.

    • Your post reminds me of keeping myself in check when it comes to stress. I agree with the facts that stress is huge factor that affects our daily lives. I too get stressed out and the best way for me to deal with it is by letting it go at the gym. This post allows me and hopefully others to remind ourselves that we should not allow stress get to the best of us and just maintain it to continue living a healthy and happy life.

    • Dear Sierra,

      Interesting post, I fully agree with you that stress management is a vital skill in today’s world. People’s lives today arguably involve more conflicting stressors than ever before, causing stress management and reduction to be a bigger issue than we’ve seen in the past. Many different methods can be employed to help manage stress, exercise and breathing exercises work for many people, but really finding any sort of passion that you can commit yourself to for lengths of times works, whether that be playing the piano, cooking, reading, or hiking. There are any number of hobbies that you can commit your time to, and in my experience once something clicks for you it’s hard to escape the tug of wanting to do that thing all the time. It’s cool to see people being upfront and positive about confronting stress issues for today’s people.


  • Stress can be caused by trying to do more than you have time to, which is where a lot of my stress comes from. I am a junior in high school trying to get good grades and be a good student, while also being an

    • Sierra,
      I agree with what you are trying to say. I also am an athlete and it gets really hard sometimes when I have practice and then I have to come home and finish all of my homework and study for tests. I think that stress is something that everyone has to deal with no matter what and we all need to overcome stress different ways. I liked how you said the line about how you didn’t know how much stress affects your body. I didn’t know how much it affects you either and I think that everyone should know about this and how it affects you and your body. I play lacrosse and I really enjoy going to practice because it is a break from all of my other work that I have to do and it makes me calm down and relax. Do you feel this same way when you go to your practices or games?

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