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    I like how you talked about the cultural diversity in your neighborhood, and how there are both differences and similarities in that. I appreciate how you are open about the experience of your immigration to the U.S., and discussed how your life changed when you moved to New York. You have big dreams for the future and have the drive to achieve them.

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    The idea of playing god is often present in the medical and scientific world. I like how you mentioned the the experiments done on dead bodies to try and revive them. Here is an article I read recently about science and the role of God. Though it does not deal with the idea of death, it has the same theme.…[Read more]

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    I agree that the American dream is often interpreted as that idea of “rags to riches.” Using the current wave of rap artists as an example is a great way to show how that idea is being represented in mainstream culture. I really enjoyed your description of the appeal that still remains in the U.S. Freedom is the broad idea, and it conflicts with a…[Read more]

  • The shadow box itself is so beautiful and unique. I appreciate how you included stereotypes in your box, such as the expectation for girls to be traditionally pretty, but also symbols and objects that are true to who you are. The metaphor of the butterfly coming out of its chrysalis was something I really related to while reading this. Your…[Read more]

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    I like how you called on “we as a nation” to end stigma surrounding addiction. No one talks about the risks of attending rehab, but it is true that we should have laws protecting those who reach out for help. I also appreciate how you gave an overview of some of the causes of opioid addiction, as well as sources from which be obtain these drugs.

  • The description of “enforcing the idea that the workers “were unable to control themselves” because they saw another human body” perfectly exemplifies the cause for dress codes in our schools. Pointing out how the clothing market makes it difficult for young women to abide by dress codes is something I had never considered.

  • Your description of anxiety is very vivid, and so accurate. I really like how thoughtfully you connected it to people who may not suffer from it on a day-to-day basis.

  • Your introduction to an opposing opinion is really good. I like the contrast of ideas.

  • There a several factors supporting and opposing the taxation of churches. They provide services to the poor in their communities and, arguably, influence their societies in a way that discourages crime. In

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