• This letter is so profound and informative. I truly enjoyed reading it and was compelled by the points you guys made. I also really liked how you cited different reasons for homelessness and connected the dots to show the roots of the cities’ issues. I think you have given a really comprehensive overview of homelessness ans some of the reasons it…[Read more]

  • Miles,
    The article you shared in this writing is very refreshing and I really enjoyed learning more about gender dysphoria can mean for different people. I think this is such an intriguing topic with so many different subtopics to dive into. I really like how you elaborated on the article’s message and I can’t wait to read your final essay.

  • Skye commented on the post, Evol 1 year, 2 months ago

    Your writing is very eloquent and I really enjoyed reading it. The way you describe love, and the effect it has one people, is such a unique perspective. I also enjoyed how you described your own personal experience with love to better explain your perspective.

  • Scary stories and man-made scary experiences are a staple across cultures worldwide. Whether it’s a haunted house for Halloween or legends of a grotesque monster crafted to get children to behave, all humans s

    • I really enjoyed reading about this. I always wondered why some people enjoy scary situations but others don’t. At the end you talk about the creation of monsters and how they are created to frighten us but also kept at distance so that we know they are not real. But wouldn’t you say that most of the scary movies and situations today are made to be seen as more realistic in order to create more fear?

  • Jenifer,

    I really like the way you told this story. It was very heartwarming and I felt like you had a deep connection to it. You used very descriptive language, and the way you wrote about the Milky Way was really beautiful. You have a very poetic way of writing, and it really compliments your analysis of the book.

  • Abigail,
    This is a really interesting topic that I do not know a lot about. I really like how you cited specific types of civilizations and solar systems. I think there is a lot of information here for you to use, and this summary is very intriguing.

  • Concepts like the clown scare and other social media trends tend to play on our innate human emotions. By experiencing fear in a controlled setting, a person can get a rush without actually having to experience

  • Fatumata, I really enjoyed how deep your analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird is in this essay. It is one of my favorites, and your study of this character is very comprehensive. I think it is very interesting how you took his behavior and used it to show the sense of danger he gives to the other characters in the novel.

  • Chris, I think it is so interesting that the political history of Scandinavia has played such a vital role in the development of their music. I think you will really show how layered and complex folk music is in your essay.

  • Clown scares have been cyclically taking over the media and popular culture worldwide since the 1980s. People in clown costumes armed with everything from machetes to automatic machine guns have been known to

  • I really like this idea of people not being able to even expect the truth from their government. The way that you utilized 1984 and applied it to a real-life scenario is very interesting. Though your plan to wipe out the inner party is violent, it is very thorough and detailed.

  • I think this topic is so prevalent among a lot of people. The idea that we are attracted to the unknown is very interesting, and I agree that as human beings we crave mystery and intrigue. In addition to that, I like how you used the example of Ted Bundy to show how shock factors into our interest in certain topics. I really want to read your…[Read more]

  • The rise of creepy clowns has been fueled by a combination of popular culture and psychological theory. One of the earliest popular clown scares happened in the 1980s, when people dressed as clowns lured people

    • I think this is a really interesting topic. I feel that people always have a fear of the unknown. This idea pertaining to clowns can give our minds more freedom to create more terror amongst us. I look forward to reading more into this topic. I want to learn more about why clowns are, in fact, terrifying.

  • I really like how you looked at bullying from a lot of different angles. You gave, not only consequences that can happen as a result of bullying, but also ways to prevent it in the first place. Though these solutions are a really good start, how can we really look at the root causes of bullying and try to destroy the root of it? Here is an article…[Read more]

  • This a really interesting piece of writing. I like how you included information and quotes from a committee hearing to supplement your argument. It was also interesting how you brought up the issue of free speech when it comes to censoring what students are able to say in the interest of protecting others. Though on a slightly different topic of…[Read more]

  • There is not a governing body on this earth that has a completely clean track record. Of course, that would be too high an expectation, seeing as all people are imperfect. However, many nations have, in times of

  • There is not a governing body on this earth that has a completely clean track record. Of course, that would be too high an expectation, seeing as all people are imperfect. However, many nations have, in times of

  • Abraham, thank you for sharing your story. Your determination in soccer is really inspiring to read, and I hope you continue to be passionate throughout the rest of your life. The way you write about the role of family in your life is beautiful, and the examples you gave of times they were there for you were so powerful. From just this short…[Read more]

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    Britney, the way you talk about respect is so eloquent and relatable. This is a topic I think everyone can relate to, especially other high school students. It is very strong of you to be able to speak from experience and talk about your own struggles with friendships and the show of respect. This essay speaks to the experience of so many people,…[Read more]

  • It was interesting to reread these articles and see things I had not seen upon first reading them. Though I already had an awareness and basic understanding of gerrymandering, these articles gave me insight to the

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