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    Public Lands In Native Hands

    The story of public lands in America is one of constant battles between those who wish to exploit them and those who wish to protect them. But perhaps those best qualified to manage Public Land are the First Peoples...

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    • Hi, Sam, I read your post and I really enjoyed it. It was very informative on land that was before owned by Natives. Natives describe to other people that our land we live on today was their ancestor’s land and belonged to them. I think that it is a good idea that Biden and his administration give back to the Natives that they longed for. It will give the natives a voice in managing their land and hold them dear to them. The two most important things to them are their land and the spiritual significance of past loves ones that passed on.

    • Dear Sam, I found your article very informative and interesting. The textbooks that we use in school, tells about how before people came to “Explore” these lands that we walk were owned by the Natives. It is great the Biden administration has finally decided to give land to its rightful owners. They will now have what was taken from their ancestors and live the life as they did.

  • Hey Gus! I love your perspective. I always appreciate when an author can be objective and approach a topic without preconceived conclusions. I think that more often than not, topics like nuclear energy that so often find themselves under the proverbial microscope are seen through certain lenses; and more often than not, those lenses don’t allow…Read More

  • Oftentimes, when we hear negative news about ride-sharing services, it has to do with a scandalous CEO, how they mistreat their drivers, or exorbitant price hikes. Rarely do we analyze the more poignant and existential dangers of ride sharing. Perhaps we should. This is rather telling, I think, of how easy it is to focus on the non-human aspects…Read More

  • Love your work!
    In a world where it seems as if politics and culture are more closely defined by pessimism and gloom than ever before, a bit of optimism and a cool head go a long way. I appreciate your level headed approach to your sources, because it would seem as though with a topic as contentious as the definition as America, it can be easy to…Read More

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    If we want to save our public land, there's only one way to do it – together

    Outdoorsmen often have an understanding with one another. Despite geographical, ethnic, or any other number of differences, those of us who crave blue skies and lofty peaks are forever united by one thing; our love of the great outdoors....

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    • I thought this article was a great summation of the amazing work that BHA does to help protect public lands. It reminds me of NGOs such as the sierra club and other environmentalist groups. Protecting public lands from private interests is something that I hope we can all agree on, as we all want to protect and enshrine the amazing beauty of our land.

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