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    Abolish immigration detention centers

    One of so many reasons to abolish immigration detention centers is because the people that are held don't get medical care. Some of these people need medication that has been prescribed to them to keep them from getting ill...

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    • Immigration is a big topic that affects many people and families. I think that separating kids from their parents is not the best thing. Children are very affected. This also hurts their families and having their loved ones locked up hurts them so much.

    • I appreciate the fact that you came out to talk about this subject. Some of these people need medication that has been prescribed to them to keep them from getting ill or worse death. you should go and check this link out. I hope you choose to respond, I’m looking forward to what you might have to say.

    • I agree with you immigration is one of the things that big in life now many people suffer from this and I think we should figure out ways to prevent this from happening especially if people are coming over to have better lives.The government has all these funds for military use to fight off nothing but themselves. One sentence you wrote that really stood out to me, was “They are ignored, separated by their families, refused medical treatment, and at times, they leave them to die…” i think this is critical because the government does really seem to ignore them and the needs of a human being.The lack of standards has people getting sick and spreading disease making it a dangerous possibly lethal environment.

    • I read your post “abolish immigration detention centers”,what you wrote make me think of how people like you is interesting in a big topic like immigration..I understand how people feel to come here and be treated like if they are bad people or treated like animals living in a bad condition and receiving bad food.I didn’t ride “La Bestia” (The Beast) but I understand people who ride that dangerous train just looking for peace and a better future for parents and their kids.

    • Dear Sergio,
      I thought your post was very moving and very informative. You used a lot of information that gets people thinking about the effects of immigration and what it does to families and children. I think you bring up a great argument. Here is some more information I found about this.

      Great work!

    • Hey Sergio I like your immigration topic. Separating families in such hostile conditions. This is not morally okay and I feel like more. I found this article that relates with your topic, check it out!

    • Hi Sergio,
      I agree that the US is doing an awful job when it comes to immigration. There’s too much political conflict and an inhumane attitude towards immigrants. We need to focus on how to help immigrants, not how to contain them or close our borders. The US is made up of immigrants, and it’s important that we help immigrants become citizens and treat them humanely. I found an interesting source that gives facts about immigration in the US that you might find interesting:

    • This is a very sensitive topic at the moment, with the kids in the ice detention camps and so many of them missing and reports of sexual abusive are being heard. Many families are coming for a better life but with the system we have going on at the moment they become stuck in those detention centers, they are getting separated, taken, and used. You had great points and it’s crazy how much it has escalated.

    • It really is so sad to see what is going on at the border. There needs to be a better system of dealing with those trying to cross the border. Even if they cross illegally, a detention center is a wrong way to go about it. Instead of putting these innocent people in cages, they should make it easier for those people to become citizens.

      • Dear Micah,

        I totally agree with your post, “Abolish immigration detention centers” because it is an important topic that needs to be addressed more effectively. As you mentioned it is deeply sad and tragic what’s happening. Children are being separated from their families and being treated horribly by putting them the dentation centers. It breaks my heart just the thought of what the honest children and families have to go through. The only reason they are coming is, to look for a better future which they are willing to work hard for but instead, have to face such a tragic experience. 

        A sentence you wrote that stood out to me was ” Instead of putting these innocent people in cages, they should make it easier for those people to become citizens.” I think this is what should be done to help them out. More people should be speaking of this to be able to help them live a better life than they are currently facing right now. No one should be placed in a detention center especially children who should be in school getting educated and having a happy life. People need to realize that putting them in detention centers is not okay would they like it if they were separated from their families?  

        Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I truly believe something needs to be done about this situation because dentation centers are wrong. I like how we both agree that something needs to be done to help the families reunite and try to live a better life. I would like you to continue telling, about your country.



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