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  • Hey Sophia! Reading your article made me realize just how far things have come between now and the time of the first corona outbreak. We never thought that the situation would become such a world emergency. Like the “seasonal illness” you mentioned, I distinctly remember the phrase “It’s just like the flu,” being passed around during the initial…Read More

  • Hey Madison, the points you made about the problems with our education system today are great! The comment you made about grades being the “end all be all” especially caught my attention. I find that many teenagers today are made to believe that getting good grades is the only way to achieving a successful life. Being a student myself, I can…Read More

  • Hey Jyothika, I like your statement about how equality shouldn’t be political. I think equality is a basic part of a human being’s rights, and it should be respected no matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on. Not a “controversial” topic that’s constantly debated on.

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    As an American

    The most important values in America are individual freedom and rights. Declared as the “land of the free” in its national anthem, the principals of freedom make up the building blocks of America, and the rights of individuals are...

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  • Hey Nicolette! Personally, I don’t think the only problem is the fact that the children are being sent to school in the middle of a pandemic. It’s also the lack of enforcement of social distancing or health safety measures in some of these schools. I’ve seen a lot of videos on social media of masses of students out in the hallway or in the…Read More



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