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  • SelenaS
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  • @SelenaS
  • May 14, 2021

I enjoy your post, it is short but it is also straightforward. It gets to the point, the injustice that has built-in this society. Change can always be a good thing and things do need to change for the better. It does not matter the way we look or...

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End the Hate View Comment
  • @SelenaS
  • April 30, 2021

I enjoyed your post because during these unfortunate times and killing is unacceptable. I agree that everyone should be treated equally and have the rights as everyone else no matter their race. In many communities, there are different races, ethnicities, etc. We as people should be together as one...

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Public Lands In Native Hands View Comment
  • @SelenaS
  • April 14, 2021

Hi, Sam, I read your post and I really enjoyed it. It was very informative on land that was before owned by Natives. Natives describe to other people that our land we live on today was their ancestor's land and belonged to them. I think that it is...

Thank you for your post about one of the most inspirational people, the Mexican American Selena Quintanilla. Until this day after 25-26 years, she has been gone, her music is still played and inspires people. Her rise in the music industry symbolized leadership for Latinos around the world. The Tejano...

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months of quarantine View Comment
  • @SelenaS
  • March 26, 2021

Hi Sara, I like your post because it is a reflection of today. It has been months since Covid-19 has been around and it seemed to interrupt and destroy people's lives. Around the world, many families have lost love ones, people losing jobs, no money to pay bills, etc....

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The Neglect of Skid Row View Comment
  • @SelenaS
  • March 11, 2021

I agree with what you have said skid row people in Los Angeles. In my county, there is always homeless people, "skid row" among the highways and freeways. Many programs and systems are set up to give the homeless a play to stay, a shelter, or food given and...

Hi, I like your post because I think gun laws are one of many problems today. From what I read it seems to work in Hawaii. Will they ever make this law for the mainlands? With all these restrictions and how hard it is to get a hand on...

Hi, I like your post because too many this is more than just a little problem. I think that technology is a big part of everyone's life and way of doing business. I do not think those big techs should be broken down because, in my opinion, everyone...

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Why I always go with my heart View Comment
  • @SelenaS
  • January 12, 2021

I enjoyed your post so much! I can personally relate to this post and the many challenges you faced but always followed your heart. In my opinion, you can either follow what you think is best or follow the feeling in your heart that you think is right. You...

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Words and Their Impact on Others View Comment
  • @SelenaS
  • November 13, 2020

Hi Paige, your post was really meaningful, with great examples of how words impact people. I totally agree, with what you have said because words to do hurt some. It might be out of anger or the way someone feels deep inside and want to make themselves feel...

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The Unknown Power Of Music View Comment
  • @SelenaS
  • October 14, 2020

I liked your post about the unknown power of music. I agree what you have elaborated about adding a short summary of a proven fact that music does good to a person. When It comes to music, it is everyone's outlet because they are in their own mind space....

I like this post because this is something that everyone struggles with. Many families, since the very beginning have had a mindset that their children will attend school and college. There was no other exception but the only problem was how to pay for it. Yes, like you said...

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Human Trafficking View Comment
  • @SelenaS
  • September 19, 2020

I liked this topic on human trafficking because it happens everyday around the world and you may not know it. No one really understands why someone would do this to someone else because it is dangerous and threatening. Watching your surrounding and not letting certain know your location. Keep...

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Covid-19 Graduation View Comment
  • @SelenaS
  • September 7, 2020

I enjoyed your article because it is something that is going on to me and my fellow classmates. We started the year great than months later , we were demanded to put on quarantine and stay home from school. We did work from home and it was more free...

Protesting and looting to some people is a way of voice. Some in the black community have a reason to believe in non-violence or violence when it comes to unjustice is made in that community get upset. Violence starts more violence during these times. In your article, Stephanie has...

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Gun violence View Comment
  • @SelenaS
  • August 18, 2020

I enjoyed reading your article on gun violence. I understand the problem in your town of Oakland but it is everywhere else. You are not alone in this situation or your community. I personally never been in this certain situation but I do see you point. Most of these...

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