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  • Hi Nechuta,

    You bring up interesting points about improving the state of American society, and America’s reputation among other countries. I notice that you group together all Americans, and the reputation others hold against us, as being congruous, but I think this could be challenged. The fight between many opposing sides can be seen in the…Read More

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    Naomi commented on the post, Stress


    Stress is something so many of us have to cope with and its important to realize when it is consuming us and how to put on the breaks. I too think ahead instead of going step by step, and it became impossible for me to focus on any one thing at a time. To cope with this, I write every school assignment I have to do each day in my…Read More

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    Naomi commented on the post, The Musical Quest

    MARCUS I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR STORY! Its hilarious and I laughed out loud multiple times while reading it. I can tell you put in a lot of thought while writing this story because of all the song and appearance references (Sia and the mushroom). The beginning caught my eye because I love Beyonce, and then the story just kept getting even better.


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    Hey Beatrice!

    I have had this experience multiple times as well. Over the last few years in high school, I learned that liking a class/teacher depends on a lot of things, not just the teacher, like the students in the class and the time of day.


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    I love this piece. Even though there are only a few lines/words, the ones you chose and the way you embedded them stirred powerful emotions and images. I also noticed how many of the ideas seem to contradict each other like “time lost” and “tremendous gains” but somehow you made them work perfectly. Great job!


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