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    I am So sorry


    I used

    all the data

    this month


    and I know

    it’s only

    the sixth day


    Forgive me

    my movie


    so dazzling

    and so sensational.


    This is a poem in the style of William Carlo

  • Hi Annika,

    Great post! I recently researched a similar topic, about micro plastic pollution of oceans and lakes. The effects of the tiny man made plastics are unbelievable, and although we cannot clean up all the waters, we can work to inform others to prevent the problem from getting worse. If your interested, I posted about the problem on my…[Read more]

  • Naomi commented on the post, Don’t Leaf Me 1 month ago

    Hey MacKenzie,

    I love this poem! The relationship you created between the “mother” tree and the “child” leaf is so creative. I also like how you changed uo the language and added some humor.


  • Hey Elyssa!

    I agree with your stance on the topic- art classes are just as important as the 4 standard projects, and there is science to back that up. Personally, I love art, and I rely on art classes as a brain break in my everyday schedule. Without that chance to breath, my school day would be a lot more stressful.


  • Hey Ethan!

    Your piece was so informative and eye opening; I had no idea we spend more time on our phones than asleep in our beds! Like so many others before me, I too have noticed my own addiction to my phone. Earlier this year, I lost my phone for about 2 weeks, and during that time I had no way to check social media, aimlessly scroll through…[Read more]

  • Hey Marcus!

    Wow- bravo on your poem, it evoked so many strong emotions, and even more when you wrote that this is a true story about you. I just want to say that what your doing must be so difficult and that moving countries away from your family and friends is so courageous, great job, I’m cheering you on!

  • Hey Marcus!

    Your poem is so great, I love it! It made me laugh, think, and also relate, with the narrator. I could see the care you took in rhyming the lines and making the ideas flow.


  • Hey Ryan!

    Your poem is outstanding, I loved how you encompassed the entire experience of riding the roller coaster. I could picture the roller coaster, the amusement park, and you, being twelve, and how you felt before, after, and during the experience. Great job!


  • Naomi commented on the post, Angus McBean 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Malia!

    Angus Mcbean sounds like such an interesting photographer with a unique style. When you mentioned surrealism and altering scenes, I immediately thought of the photography that accompanies Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Have you read it?


  • Hey Autumn!

    I loved reading your poem! Each line gave me a different image, and I could see the little girl helping grandma cooking, or the scene of little Italy and the pasta. I especially liked your last line, it was so powerful and provided great imagery.


  • by the seaside

    a poem in the style of nikki giovani’s winter poem


    a wave crashed

    along the turf

    where I stood

    and it invited me closer

    and another spewed

    showering me with a salty

    • This is a really great poem. It was written really well and I feel like I’m at the beach with you. Nice job 🙂

    • Hi Naomi,
      I really enjoyed your poem and thank you for sharing it. Your description of that specific moment made me miss the beach and warm weather.

    • Hi Naomi!

      This is a really beautiful poem! I like the imagery and how you almost used a short sentence kind of thing but with no punctuation. It reminded me a little of Moana. Nice ocean vibe.. I can’t wait for spring break.


    • Hi Naomi! I really like this poem, maybe because I also wrote mine about water and the beach:) Your description is fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

    • Naomi,

      I really appreciated this poem, but it also made me wish for summer. I am tired of snow, and no longer have use for it, as ski season is over. Is summer your favorite season? Why or why not?

    • Naomi,
      I really enjoyed your poem it made me feel like I was on the beach in warm weather.

  • Hi Heidi,

    Veganism seems to be on the rise lately, and I didn’t really know what all the benefits were, so I enjoyed reading your post! Like you wrote, going “meat-free” has many benefits to the environment as well as our bodies, but would we be missing any key nutrients? Also, how would following a pescetarian diet compare in terms of the…[Read more]

  • Hi Skylar!

    Its promising that popular fast food chains are trying to integrate “healthier” options, but did you know that these items can be higher in calories than a burger or Chicken McNuggets? I researched a similar topic recently, and realized that these “healthy” foods are really quite misleading. If your interested, you should read The…[Read more]

  • Hey Isa!

    I love the topic of your research! So many people have dogs, and I know for a fact that your not the only one interested in how much dogs understand our emotions. I wonder how this understanding differs between different animal species, like cats versus dogs?


  • Naomi commented on the post, John Moore 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hi Sara!

    Your cover picture immediately caught my attention, and the information was very intriguing. Photography is such a powerful tool, and John Moore is using it to spread awareness about things some people would rather ignore. Thanks for your post, it was so interesting!


  • We all have voices in our heads.   For me, it narrates what I do, what I’m thinking, I argue against it, reason with it, and it voices (internally) these words as I type them.  I hear that voice every day, yet

    • Ryan replied 2 months ago

      I really enjoyed this piece! I sometimes notice that same voice. You can’t explain it or tell what it says but its there. Sometimes not always a voice, its then a feeling or a smell that helps me.

  • Anna,
    I completely agree with your stance on sleep for teenagers. Because of my schedule, I have a reduced schedule, which means I go to school one hour later, and it has definitely helped me. I have more energy, I do better in school, and I enjoy going to school more. I think a later start time would benefit students immensely.

  • Naomi commented on the post, Listen! 4 months, 3 weeks ago


    I really enjoy your style of poetry. I like how you used very few words to get a big meaning across, and I think because of this, your poem was even more impactful. Also, this can be interpreted in so many ways, which personalizes the poem for each person and read. Great job!

  • Hi Thaarini,
    I found your topic ,genetic engineering, very interesting, especially because their is so much controversy around it. There are so many possibilities with the power of genetic engineering, but do you think that scientists might abuse genetic engineering in the future. What is your stance on genetic engineering?

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