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  • Dear Rebecca,

    Your post, “Should Schools Give Summer Homework?” interests me because this is a topic that is often debated every time students go on summer break. Personally, I have to disagree with the idea homework should not be given during summer break because I believe that having some work is important. However, I will not argue against…Read More

  • Dear Dulce,

    I am intrigued by your post, “Death Penalty at the Door,” because society’s changing perception of the death penalty is a great example of the change that has occurred over the past decades. The world is starting to become more and more forgiving, looking for ways to redeem people as opposed to the harsh world that previous…Read More

  • Dear Angel:

    I am impressed by your post, “A Day Off for Mental Health,” because I see that your message is conveyed clearly. I agree that mental health is important because it is an issue that plagues no one more than a teenager going through big changes in their life. We as students are often told that we just need to put up with stress, that…Read More

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    American Women Quarters Program (2022)

    In the article, “Stuff YOU Should Know: First Asian American to Appear on U.S. Currency,” (btw, 2022) I learned of the American Women Quarters program. Having been started this year, this program will last 4 years in the U.S....

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    • dear Sebastian

      I am highly interested in your post, the ” American women Quarters program(2022) because this is very recent news, and the idea of having iconic people of different races and genders that shaped and inspired us not just through politics but as well as arts and acting and many other activities that made such an impact for people who lived in this country one sentence that stands out to me was “The goal of this program is to celebrate women of diverse races and ethnicities, backgrounds, ages, times, and fields. The first quarter issue features Anna May Wong. She was the movie industry’s first Chinese American star; noteworthy, she will be the first Asian American featured on U.S. currency.” I think this program is a beautiful idea because I believe that we should put all kinds of iconic people on currently who made an impact to inspire and shape our country.

      thank you for writing I look forward to seeing your next post because you keep up to date with certain things that no one really talks about and it is exciting.

  • Dear Fatima,

    I found a lot of joy in your post, “Glasses are Helpful,” because I wear glasses and they are often portrayed negatively. By this I mean that very often we see glasses be a sort of trend, but for people who wear them, they are our save and grace. I’ve worn glasses since I was in preschool, around 4 or 5 years old. 

    One thing…Read More

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