• Many people have different conceptions about the word American and what it means to be American. Diverse experiences inform people’s associations and connotations with the idea of Americanism. However, in the Bay

    • Hello Sebastian,
      I thought your adaptation of what the definition of the “American Identity” was interesting. I loved how you gave both the extremes of both sides as well as the moderation. I agree with you, I think the meaning of being an American citizen is different for everyone. For me personally I think being an american means fighting for what’s right and the freedom and equality for all where as some may not agree but that’s what being an american citizen is, having the right to have different opinions.


    • Sebastian, this was an awesome thing to read. I completely agree with you. I think today’s political climate makes it very hard to be proud to be American, no matter which side of the party-line one falls on. This website speaks a little to that https://townhall.com/columnists/jackiegingrichcushman/2018/06/28/why-americanism-is-important-n2495088. The point about Americanism being a mixed bag makes sense. I hate America sometimes, but there is nowhere I would rather be really.

  • The opioid epidemic is a large issue affecting people of a variety of ages across the country. Opioids were introduced to the market as a new safer pain medication and quickly grew in usage and popularity amongst

    • Hi Sebastian,
      I really like your approach to researching this topic by looking into previous lawsuits because I think finding out who is liable for this epidemic is important. I also really liked that your article was thorough and explored many parts of the issue (health, laws, etc). I think this source will be really helpful to you because it talks about big pharma and the lawsuits they faced: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6461324/ .


    • I think the opioid epidemic is one of the most harmful and dangerous problems in present times. I completely agree with your point that slowing down the rate and amount of prescriptions would have been useful before the epidemic, but now it is too late. This is something I don’t think a lot of people understand and there is so much money in the prescription drug world that I doubt any big change will happen in the near future. I agree with you that the best option for right now is too educate and highly enforce the dangers of what people are being prescribed and hope that they will listen.

    • Hi Sebastian,
      I think the topic of the opioid epidemic is so incredibly important because it has been a problem in our society since they are constantly being misused. After reading this I completely agree with your points of lowering the rates and amount of usage and should be more regulated it could potentially eliminate the problems. But the quickest and effective way to change it now would be to educate people about what they are actually taking the long term risks.

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