• When I first began this project I was stressed because I was never a great writer but, very slowly i’ve been improving. I am very passionate about the effects, advantages and disadvantages of tests, standardized

    • Sean,
      I found your topic vey interesting. I liked how you talked about why you chose your topic and that there has been a fatality from over studying. Here is an article that I think you will enjoy https://www.thebalance.com/time-management-tips-2947336 . Great article and I am eager to see what else you find

    • S-
      I, too, find this to be a fairly important topic. A lot of people don’t realize that hours upon hours of studying is not healthy as it is. taking a break or just taking the slightly lower grade is worth it rather than staying up until 5:00AM and taking a test at 7:45AM the next day and for two days afterwards(like when we take the PSAT/SAT). I think your interest in researching this and raising awareness by posting here on this blog is brave and actually very valuable. I hope many people read your post and do some of their own research. Thank you for sharing. -V

  • Cheryl,
    This is a very important issue that I myself have dealt with, when faced with many different problems or many different things happening at once I find myself just shutting down or just trying to focus on one thing at a time and struggling. The overload of information is definitely not better. it needs to be less.

  • Thomas,
    I agree that the death penalty should be done away with, its outdated and ineffective and it costs way too much for what it doesn’t do anymore. It’s an inhumane practice because why should a governing body be able to determine whether or not a person should stay living?

  • Raymond,
    This is a very interesting topic, the mere idea of a system like that baffles me. How would they even determine a “worth” could we even trust that system even if it was perfectly fine and there was no implications? I feel like if they were to implement this system that the public would revolt and overthrow the government.

  • I agree that the death penalty is pointless and needs to be abolished, keeping criminals off the streets is a solution enough. Killing them wont do anything. As your evidence suggests it doesn’t deter murderers from murdering people. So the death penalty needs to go.

  • Hannah,
    I agree that the government needs to assist more with student loans. And help especially with making college more affordable, to combat not having to have student loans or at least not having to have as much in loans im going through the military so that the government pays more of my tuition. And even this is not enough, I learned that to…[Read more]

  • Pj, I just finished a research paper on Standardized testing and the fact that it is an outdated way of testing ones intellect. I agree with all that you point out, The outdated system pushes students to go for the A, not to learn. It is a tragic system and it needs to be changed. do you know if any schools/states/countries that are trying to push…[Read more]

  • Max,
    This is a very big issue, I personally agree that Death with dignity should be legal in all the states.If someone is terminally ill and is still of sound mind, why should they be made to suffer for the rest of their time on Earth? They should have the right to go out how they want to.

  • Sean commented on the post, #MeToo 2 years, 6 months ago

    I’m glad you decided to bring awareness to this issue, sexual assault allegations are on the rise over the past few months and it has good and bad implications. It’s good because men and women are finding the courage to speak up against their assaulters and then bad because they are just allegations, most of them don’t even have proof that…[Read more]

  • Mason,
    I agree 100% that Education is one of the most, if not the most important thing in life. If people don’t get a substantial education they are so many times more likely to have a bad life and be in poverty. I also agree that having an education provides for a more equal community for both genders.

  • I never thought about this issue this way, it can be tied with people tastes in music especially, for example I listen to Metal and everyone who doesn’t know me personally but does know I listen to metal think and or believe im a satanist ( definitely am not one). And i’ll admit to thinking that people that listen to more modern music like pop and…[Read more]

  • Catherine,
    I haven’t ever had to wear a uniform in school but my sister did for a time, she absolutely hated it and felt as you do about them being uncomfortable and not being able to express yourself. I agree that students in uniforms are more likely to be violent because I feel that they would feel oppressed and be more prone to rebelling and…[Read more]

  • Sean commented on the post, Smog Lake City 2 years, 6 months ago

    I really enjoyed reading your article, even though it was about a very serious issue. I live in a suburb in Michigan and I never have dealt with smog or even pollution. Im suprised that lessening the speed limit by 10 MPH would help the pollution that much. I always thought that pollution is the worst when there are major traffic jams and…[Read more]

  • Nathan,
    I agree that the mistreatment of inmates over the last 40 years has gotten out of hand. while there are those that deserve to be in prison, most that are, are as you said in possession of small amounts of drugs and then locked away after they’ve been caught. The government needs to switch to the options you listed because it will work…[Read more]

  • Hunter,
    I agree that we need to start the switch to clean energy very soon, there is no argument against clean energy because it is the perfect solution. im intrigued about the 30 year switch and I do want to look into that Ecowatch website and see what the transition would look like. I hope our world governments start the switch soon because it…[Read more]

  • Chloe,
    Your post is really informative about the inequality in the workplace. Women are severely mistreated and it just shouldn’t be that way. I don’t even get why this is a thing, women can do every single thing a guy can, perhaps even better at some things. but thats depending on the person not a whole gender. It’s ridiculous that people see…[Read more]

  • Whitlee,
    Thank you for talking about this topic, I have so many friends that are transgender and go through so much pain and suffering, several of them have tried to suicide or hurt themselves severely in the past. A lot of them have come out to their parents and some haven’t but all of them were so worried about their parents reactions which…[Read more]

  • I agree with your post wholeheartedly, I believe that people born in America deserve to stay but those that came illegally don’t. I also agree that the citizenship process needs to be refined to ensure that people will go through that process to get into the country.

  • Ronnie,
    I like your post because it is really informing about this issue. I agree with what President Obama said that governments shouldn’t be butting into such personal business such as this. Your post was really well done, you introduced the topic well and followed it up with solid evidence.

  • Annie,
    I agree that technology use is exponentially growing and that it is becoming a big issue. The ever growing pollution problem is even more an issue. Are there cases of other places in the world that are trying to solve these problems like San Fransisco?

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