• The raccoon poem and the other one are two different poems.

  • The Universe News FlashYouare an insignificant littlespeck whose life will only addup to a less than a millisecond insome future person’s holographic videolog for their world history class project. 

    Thank yo

    • The raccoon poem and the other one are two different poems.

    • HI grace! This poem was very heartbreaking, but at the same time very hopeful. When you said “I both know it was for the best and I cried a great deal about it”, it made me think of the bittersweet cycle of life and death in our world. Thank you for sharing this, I hope to read more from you.

  • hot and sticky like fresh taffy the air hangs down on meit pushes on me like an extra gravitational forcebut i couldnt feel more freethree girls make their way down the winding path laughingthe sound rings in

  • Dear Autumn,
    I found your younger self very relatable. I was always very shy and since my family moved around a lot I struggled to speak to my classmates and make friends. Now that I am a senior I have gotten a bit better at using my voice but I still struggle especially in confrontational situations. I especially struggle when forced to say…[Read more]

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