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    5 months, 2 weeks ago

    A DISCUSSION POST on Youth Voices in which you:
    Share your STRESS MANAGEMENT GOAL and the REASONING behind WHY the TECHNIQUE you’ve chosen is the BEST one for you.
    Refer to EXAMPLES you have found online (from resources) with LINKS to your ANNOTATIONS for any resources you reference in your writing. (You can find the link to any of your annotations by clicking on the share symbol under your comment, then copy the link that is attached to that specific annotation.)

    I plan on exercising 2-3 times a week either in the morning time or around sunset during the middle of the week. I think I will continue in Christian meditation and prayer as well as seeking the Lord Yeshua daily through these methods as well as attending bible studies and Christian-based discussions where I may also talk to other Christians about my stressors. I also plan on journaling the things that stress me, either by vlogging or writing.



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