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  • Music is great and helps me to lose myself in what I am doing whether it be working out or doing schoolwork–what have you. My favorite genre is Christian worship music and Christian rap music. I like to listen to music as I exercise or as I work, or when I want to give the Father Yahweh good praise. I am glad that we both enjoy music when…Read More

  • A DISCUSSION POST on Youth Voices in which you reflect on the TECHNIQUE using the following prompts. This post will include a LINK that points to your completed DATA SHEET that have made PUBLIC. This Doc will have the RECORD of FIVE TIMES in a WEEK when you used your chosen STRESS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUE.

    HOW did you FEEL when you used your STRESS…Read More

  • A DISCUSSION POST on Youth Voices in which you:
    Share your STRESS MANAGEMENT GOAL and the REASONING behind WHY the TECHNIQUE you’ve chosen is the BEST one for you.
    Refer to EXAMPLES you have found online (from resources) with LINKS to your ANNOTATIONS for any resources you reference in your writing. (You can find the link to any of y…Read More


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