• Teddie Bruce,
    I actually got a sense of your personality through this letter and that was really nice to read. I think you have a lot of insights and ideas, however I think your already strong argument would benefit from increased organization. You might consider reading through your letter and editing it so that all corresponding ideas are…[Read more]

  • I had the same question as Anna about the smell of the drugs. I think your letter has a unique and important flavor because you have direct experience in the subject you are talking about. I think this letter would benefit from you adding more of your experiences and opinions and memories about Oakland. Also, you should consider adding some…[Read more]

  • I agree with Sean. I feel like a lot of the problems with immigrants come from our own discriminations which in turn make them feel separated and unintegrated in our society. You’re a good writer!

  • Thank you for this poem. I first thought it was a joke about Shrek, but the end of the poem is really good. “Drunken fights” intrigues me

  • According to Phil Ruffin, a businessman, and friend of Donald Trump, Trump always pays his bills on time. USA Today and other sources, though, disagree. This was also brought up by Clinton in the debate; she said

    • Dear Siena,
      I’m am interested in your post shows that the decisions that Trump makes affect him in ways that show the U.S if he is a good candidate. One thing that stood out to me was how you mention that how is he supposed to be a good candidate if he won’t even pay his workers. His decisions reflect on how he will decide his decision if he becomes president. Thanks for your post, I look forward to hearing more about how this topic.

  • It seems like the first reaction when serial killers are brought up in conversation is usually asking, “Why would someone do such a thing?” or “How did they do it?”. Serial killers do not fit a specific profile

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