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  • sclin

That's a good point, sorry for not addressing that! What I address as 3D animation includes animation using 3D models. For example, stop motion animation (think of movies such as Paranorman, Kubo, Coraline, or anything by Laika) is an animation that includes 3D models! Common 3D animation is computer...

I never thought that wasteful and very horrifying practices in the meat industry actually was impacting our environment more than we thought! It reminds me of that one instance where people living next to a pork farm had to suffer through the stench of living next to a lake...

Very interesting! I heard a while back that some pain killers that are sold by pharmaceutical companies actually have opioids which can lead to abuse of heroin. Do you think that there are any prescription drugs that are like this? Very interesting! Can't wait to see what else you dig...

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Michelle Obama for President View Comment
  • @sclin
  • November 22, 2016

Cool poem! The entirety of this poem makes me wish that the work was slightly longer just to see any other witty jabs that could possibly come from you. 😀 From your poem, I can tell what you wish for the future America. I, too, wish for the executive position...

Very interesting poem! I'm going to go on a little tangent here and say that I actually had a dream I had fallen into space! I was launched through at light speed, and after flying through space for what seemed like months or years, it was only when I...

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An Invisible Illness View Comment
  • @sclin
  • November 1, 2016

Cami, this is a powerfully written personal narrative on MALS, and thank you very much for sharing it on Youth Voices. You certainly know your audience well, and how to write to them. Your introduction is strong, but your facts and support are also very well placed. If you...

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Unknown Silence View Comment
  • @sclin
  • September 16, 2016

Interesting article, Giselle! Did you know that the need for noise is actually a phenomenon (as far as I've travelled) in America? In places such as Japan and Germany, people on public transit, elevators, or busy trains are all fine with silence. It's interesting to see how learned behavior...

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