• This is a really interesting topic that you chose. I’m interested to see what other people say. I also really liked the fact that you did a questionnaire. While filling this out, I found myself wondering, why do people care so much if same- sex couples raise children? If children are being raised in a caring environment, why does it matter if…[Read more]

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    I agree that the pollution is a major issue. I also think that people need to change their ways and recognize this. The only way this will actually happen though is if we push our legislators to put restrictions on pollution and our emissions.


    In dystopian literature, things like procreation, passion, and love are viewed as threats towards society. Sex is viewed as meaningless, casual, and emotionless. It is strictly for pleasure and if it wasn’t, yo

    • The hook-up culture is a very real part of society especially for young adults in high school and college. It is very interesting how a writer from the early 20th century would have incorporated this idea into a dystopian work as becoming a very prevalent part of society because today’s dating world has a lot of similarities to early dystopian literature.

    • hello sofia,
      i totally agree that there is a real and prevalent hook up culture though I don’t think that dystopian literature I views meaningless sex as a threat to a free and open society. I think the powers in dystopian novels fear love not sex and those are two very different things. they fear love because it connects people and allows them to explore and change themselves. though we live in a age of hooks ups i do not think we live in an age without love. marriage and monogamous relationships are still prevalent despite this. I think hook up culture is a result of changing values and views on sex like you mentioned with the changing role of women. the society in these books allow sex since the species could not continue without is and in some cases glorify it since it is the most primal of actions. what all of these books really have in common with respect with sex is an inability to connect with one another preferring to isolate themselves no matter how close they actually get to another person. Id love to hear more from you on the idea of sex versus love. thanks!

    • Sofia,
      I think that the Hook-up culture that exists today is a very interesting social aspect of the times. It is very interesting how someone who wrote a long time ago could predict this in the future. I often wonder the same question and I believe that there is a possibility that we went wrong in society by glorifying people we call “famous”. If you look at most famous people they are in and out of relationships constantly and it seems that not many can actually sustain a health relationship. I believe that the media glorifies this and that could be a reason that the culture exists.

    • Sofia,
      I totally agree that this is a prevalent part of society. I especially agree when you say, “Our generation is living in a time where technology controls our lives. It control our lives so much that it is reflected in how we form relationships with other people.” It distorts how we see life and other people. In this article https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/happiness-in-world/201006/the-effect-technology-relationships
      it says, “we find ourselves subtly substituting electronic relationships for physical ones or mistaking our electronic relationships for physical ones.” I would love to see another post on an example of a positive relationship. Than you for sharing.

    • sofia,
      Your post about hook up culture was very interesting to read. This link i read about how hook up culture being bad for our emotional health really ties in with what you were writing. https://everydayfeminism.com/2016/02/hook-up-culture-is-sexist/ I especial agree with what you said about how this generation is really reliant on technology for even meeting people.

  • Homelessness is a massive problem in Salt Lake City and it’s great to see that we are beginning to take steps toward solving the epidemic. Homeless people are human and they deserve a shot at regaining their life just like anybody else.

  • This is a really interesting topic. Obviously, becoming a vegetarian is much better for the environment, especially when it comes to emissions. We would have much less CO2 in the atmosphere, which would solve tons of problems we face today. One question I have is what other problems, like land degradation, would arise if people began eating many…[Read more]

  • The recent patterns and chains of hurricanes are extremely worrisome. Hurricanes are sweeping the Atlantic. Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have been dominating the headlines of our news and has left millions

    • dear sofia,I want to agree to what your claim is because some people are actually scared of the hurricanes and thing that are happening right now like in mexico and we don’t know what could happen in the future if there will be a bigger earthquake that can hit and ruin like lots of cities. I also want to agree with you because he climate changes are bad because there is really nothing that we can do about it and it can be really bad impact on families that can be harmed with these bad climate change.

    • Sofia, I like how you are bringing up the topic of climate changes creating ideal conditions for more and more hurricanes, as that seems to be a disconnect that many people seem to be making nowadays. I would like to hear more from you concerning this issue, so I decided to do a bit of research by myself. I found an article by CNN that greatly expounds upon this idea, and how it will only go worse as time goes on. Thank you for sharing this with us, and I hope to hear more from you in the future.


    • I really like this article you did a fantastic job! I like how you looked at how hurricanes and global warming are linked and cause one another. It was interesting to learn about how hurricanes are changed by the environment and will change in the future instead of just looking at the most current situation on storms like I normally do. An article I found by the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory ( https://www.gfdl.noaa.gov/global-warming-and-hurricanes/ ) says that hurricanes are likely to be more large and frequent as the human impact on global warming increases.

  • I completely agree that everybody has the right to take a knee. It is up to you to decide how to interpret the symbolism of the flag and the anthem. I think it is great that football players are using their high platform in society to show that we have a lot of problems in our country that we need to address.

  • I completely agree with everything you said. This was a very strong article backed up with a lot of evidence. I agree that money doesn’t define happiness. I understand that you can be unhappy if your basic needs are not met, but if those needs are being fulfilled, you have the ability to lead a happy life.

  • When travelling to other states, almost always, the first question people ask me after I tell them I’m from Utah is if I’m mormon. After I tell them that I am in fact not mormon, people usually look extremely sur

    • Sofia, I think that what you are saying in this article is very interesting. Living in Utah it has always seemed that our state is kind of held back by the religion that dominates the entire social atmosphere of the state. It is also nice to hear someone else mention the straying away from the LDS faith that can be seen in SLC and how we have came a long way to get out of this view that everyone in Utah is a member of the dominant religion.

    • Sofia, I think you are absolutely correct in that as a state we are shifting away from being a mostly Mormon, conservative people. I definitely agree that the most of the people I interact with tend to be liberal, even if they are Mormon. While it doesn’t seem likely that Utah will ever be a state that votes towards the liberal side, I think the views are definitely shifting. You should check out https://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/07/09/utah-very-republican-but-not-as-conservative-as-it-appears/, a blog post which offers some very interesting numbers about the shifting demographics of the state. I’d love to hear more on this topic and I’ll be back for more.

    • Sofia, I think your article is highlighting something very interesting that is rarely discussed in the local media. However, while Salt Lake City is becoming generally more liberal, is it changing Utah as a whole? I think while Salt Lake City is changing in demographics and newer generations are straying away from the traditional views of the LDS faith, the rural parts of Utah are some of the most conservative in the Western United States if not in the entire country. I also think that while we are seeing a slight decrease in the numbers of Mormon residents in Utah, there is an increase in surrounding states especially Nevada and Idaho. I think it could be really interesting to see if this increase in LDS members outside of Utah is changing the political viewpoints of other states. I think it could also be interesting to see why so many millennials are leaving the church as well. Here is an article that may help you elaborate more on this topic.

      Why Mormon millennials leave the church

    • Sofia I thought your views in your post were very interesting. Living in Utah in my whole life I have definantly seen a shift from the strong mormon presence to more liberal views. I have gone to Catholic school my whole life so I have always been around liberal view. Recently I have seen a change people moving away from LDS faith in our highly populated areas like Salt Lake. I think it is because more people are moving here and it creates a more diverse area. I am very interested to see how Utah progresses in the next few years and how religion plays role.
      Below I provided a link that talks about how religion affects government in Utah and other reason why the shift away from republicanism is happening.

  • Ceceli, your post is super interesting. I had no idea that being an only child could change the actual structure of somebody’s brain. It’s interesting to see somebody else’s point of view and hear about their family experience especially because I am not an only child. I also think it’s interesting that you grew up with your cousins, so that could…[Read more]

  • Montana, this is a really interesting and informative post. It’s very relatable to our world today. Almost everybody in our country owns a smartphone or technology of some sort, which makes this is a hot topic of discussion. There are millions of articles published about the impacts of technology and social media on the human brain and body.…[Read more]

  • Walter, I love your post because this is something that almost everybody will be exposed to as some point in their life. In today’s world where road transportation is extremely easy and almost everybody owns a car, it is hard to control our air quality. This is something that, I too, am passionate about. In Salt Lake City, we get something called…[Read more]

  • Breyner, you seem very passionate about kids living in poverty. This is a devastating problem, especially because it is our youth and they will be our future. It is also something that they have no control over because they are usually born into it. One thing that I challenge you to think about is how growing up in poverty will affect these kids…[Read more]

  • Tyler, I really like what you’ve said about the word, “explore.” Human beings have a natural instinct to explore the world and have an inherent curiosity for the place around them. If we never explored, we would never make progress. We could never advance. I also agree with what you said about if you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in…[Read more]

  • Obviously we have a lot of scary and devastating problems in our world today. Things like climate change, world hunger, discrimination, and terrorism are major problems and topics of discussion. These problems

    • Dear sofia,

      I am intrigued by your post because the way you show how us as humans can only be the turning point to a better future. As humans we must make changes from consuming less energy to portioning our foods.
      One thing you said that stands out for me is: “Our youth is full of people that could potentially be world leaders and revolutionize the way we think.” I think this is interesting, because me as being a teenager there is a lot of potential in our youth group. Not only do we want to have a bright future where gonna want to live in the future so i agree with you that to have a better future we must have a change in society.

      Arath Vargas

    • Dear Sofia,

      I agree with you that now is the time for changing, I think the young people should start changing our world. We have to think about how we can solve our problems before they get more worse, and we can’t control it anymore. Everyone has to think for themself, do I want to change something or only sit at home and wait till it gets out of control.

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