• Hi Anthony,
    I am glad to see a project like this becuase it makes me think of sterotypes and how they are often wrong or only partially true. People prejudge and make asumpions all the time and fighting back on these to create a better society is a key issue today. The symbolyism you have used is great.
    Thanks, Simon

  • Hi Missy,
    Utah does have problems with the church but I belive that gerrymandering is the bigger issue then the morman church because the reson the church has such a strong grip is gerrymandering. The senators have figured out ways to split up uposing views into small fractions and make it imposible to become succesful at voting for what they…[Read more]

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    Changing Education

    We are behind other nations in education. This is not one person or one groups doing however, it is a team effort as a country and there need to be real conversations on how we create a

  • Hi Daniel,
    One thing that I think gets lost in who we are as a culture is what you mentioned very last, opportunity and equality. As americans one fundamental question that must be asked is a wether we as a people want a system of equality of opportunity or equality of result. One situation where this is a big deal is college admissions and how…[Read more]

  • Hi San,
    This is such a big problem and I believe that one of the biggest reasons is the amount amount of prison time given for minor drug offenses. Minor drug offenses have been punished harshly in America and the biggest sufferers have been African American men. they make up such a large part of the American prison system because the laws for…[Read more]

  • Hi William,
    I clicked on your post because I played rugby for a club team here in Salt Lake and enjoyed it very much. Rugby is a great sport and teaches how to be a member of a team and try to achieve something that is bigger then yourself. One problem with Rugby however is that people get injured similarly to football and you should address how…[Read more]

  • Hi Kavi,
    Your post is very interesting to me. I believe that we need firmer laws then we currently have to prevent tragedies like sandy hook and similar violence. The second amendment was written when people had one shot long guns for hunting, not fully automatic weapons used by the military. The law needs adjustment and needs to be changed. The…[Read more]

  • Anna,
    This was a great read and made me think about this topic in a way I never had before. I agree with you about Disneyland not being the happiest place on earth. I wonder wether the UNs stats reflect how everyone in those countries feel or if they are only reflect a select few who where interviewed. To continue reading on this I suggest this…[Read more]

  • Gilberto,
    Hectors responses to the questions about drugs shocked me. I knew that it was a problem, being in high school and seeing it first hand, but did not see the larger long term implications you pointed out in your piece. I wonder wether there have been studies done on high school drug dealers and where their lives go after they get caught.…[Read more]

  • Why do I get obsessed with certain things?

    I am an obsessed person and have been since birth. My first word was more. More is something that has been a part of me and is something that I try to contain at times

    • Simon, I thought your question was very interesting. Obsessing is a big part of human nature and there are a lot of people that do it. I thought it was very interesting that your first word was more. Do you think this a correlation to your obsessive behaviors? If so, how do you think this one word has influenced you? The article that you included in your response was very interesting. I think that many people view obsession as a bad thing because of disorders like OCD. In this article I read (https://www.verywell.com/rumination-why-do-people-obsess-over-things-3144571) it talks about how obsessing over things is sometimes a method to cope with stress. I’d be interested to see if you find anything more about obsession and the plus sides to it. I hope to read more!

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