• I chose 4.3.27-35 from Othello. It is Desdemona’s lines. I saw that the lines and where the punctuation was greatly changed the amount of stress I put on individual words. The pacing was harder because of the line

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    My mother had a maid call’d Barbara:

    She was in love, and he she loved proved mad

    And did forsake her: she had a song of ‘willow;’

    An old thing ’twas, but it express’d her fortune,


  • My mother is an Italian. Her parents are both Italians and during her youth they would travel back over to Italy every summer. She has seen the immigration issue first hand. Her parents were discriminated against

    • the president has no right to say things about the emigrants because he knows that he needs them

    • That he need have more appreciation for the immigrants because the mother of him is immigrants so, why he have a lot racism with the immigrants.

    • It is interesting that only immigrants from South America and the Middle East are treated this way, perhaps people just don’t want to admit they’re racist.

  • Ethan,
    As we see your topic come up with the FBI, I am very interested to read your opinion. The illegal money in the game right now is crazy and it is all due to a fundamental difference in what we consider these players to be, are they students or are they athletes. Nobody is able to do something 50-50 successfully so they are one or the other.…[Read more]

  • Carter,
    Zoos can have negative impacts on animals but they can also serve as the best educational tool for people to learn about these animals. We would have known how animals would react to being out of their environment and we study how they act in their environment to contrast the two. We have learned alot about animals but also about…[Read more]

  • Ceceli- this is a great topic to discuss because it is so prevalent in so many people’s lives. The thing I have noticed when discussing this issue with people is that it is not a logical or moral one. it seems to be an emotional one on both sides. I see pro life pro choice arguments come down to the most basic: that’s just how I feel and you’re…[Read more]


    There is much confusion in terminology used when describing an individual who is young and in this country illegally. These kids have been called dreamers by president obama in reverence to an act called the

  • Hi Daniel,
    One thing that I think gets lost in who we are as a culture is what you mentioned very last, opportunity and equality. As americans one fundamental question that must be asked is a wether we as a people want a system of equality of opportunity or equality of result. One situation where this is a big deal is college admissions and how…[Read more]

  • Hi Averi,
    The worst thing we can do is having these people continue to have the ability to come into our schools. There needs to be a place for guns in society in america because a full on ban would not be effective but schools and cities are not the place. It’s not an issue of rights its an issue of trying to protect our people. there needs to…[Read more]

  • Immigration helps americans in the long run. There are many social  truths to this but the thing that should convince the population of white america that believes it does nothing but hurt is the economic side to

  • Hi Zach, this is a great topic and on that is very interesting to me. I see what you are saying and I do believe that religion at times has hurt people, however I believe that on a personal level many people have been helped by it. The cost of religion is the fighting and need to be dominant over another people however some would say that we even…[Read more]

  • Hi, your post is really interesting because I had no clue about how youtube did their videos and search results. This leads to fake news and the bad information being spread. You go into how misinformed people can be after watching videos that spread poor ideas and missinformation. This is really interesting and my question is what do you propose…[Read more]

  • Hi Hannah, I really enjoyed this essay because it makes me think, as a high school senior, about where my life is heading and what I need to do to prepare. I think the most important advise I have been given is to decide my major and stick with it because the addition of more debt will only hurt you and set you back. I see myself changing my major…[Read more]

  • Hi Olivia, I do believe that they are overpaid personally and as someone who watches a ton of sports I think about this alot. We as a society place such a emphisis on athletics that on the super bowl sunday 4 million will only buy you 30 seconds. We need to have some kind of reform in all the legues and have an expation of the charities these…[Read more]

  • President Donald Trump made it very clear where he stood on immigration in his announcement speech that he would be running for the presidency. He said “They’re not our friends, believe me, they aren’t sending t

  • Hi Luz, This is a great post about a great book. I like what you said about how everyone has a different utopia based on their situation. I see this in people without food would want their utopia to have food for all where as someone who gets no respect but has all other needs met would rather see a utopia where people focus on respect. Creating a…[Read more]

  • Tyler, This video was very interesting and included some great topics and looks at some of the causes of gun violence. It is very sad to hear that all of these issues really could be solved through education and afterschool programs. Although that may be an oversimplification it would definitely be a step in the right direction and would be one…[Read more]

  • Hi Sam. This was a very interesting article. I agree that not having renewable energy is a problem. One solution I have is to spend more government money on it. The Obama administration asked for money for this issue and was unsuccessful.
    This article goes into this issue of lack of…[Read more]

  • This is very interesting Mary. I agree with you that recycling is an important issue that needs to be addressed in america. We don’t do a good job because there is not enough of an emphasis on it. Without recycling we will also run out of oils according to this article.There are a lot of issues with recycling that need to be…[Read more]

  • In America currently we have a system of punishment in america that is not effective. This is due to Reagan era policies that harm nonviolent drug offenders. Once these people go to prison they are simply punished

    • Hi Simon!
      This post really interested me. After watching the Netflix documentary, “The 13th,” my eyes were opened to our corrupt criminal justice system. The American government uses ineffective punishments and has no desire to rehabilitate criminals, especially nonviolent drug offenders, like you mentioned. There is extreme inequality in our prisons and clearly our current system is not working to change this, which is extremely frustrating and sad. If you have the chance, you should watch “The 13th.” It’s very powerful and effective in creating a desire to do something. If you are interested in expanding this topic, you could discuss the extreme racial inequality in our prisons. Here’s an interesting article: https://www.sentencingproject.org/publications/black-lives-matter-eliminating-racial-inequity-in-the-criminal-justice-system/


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