• My name is Shirel Castillo I’m a sophomore at Oakland Unity High-school and in my english class we have been reading about artificial intelligence and at this point I’m in between whether or not robots will take

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    your article was interesting I agree with you the fact that models should be all different sizes not just very skinny people.

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    hello there,
    my name is shirel and i really enjoyed your blog i like how your trying to help out animals im personally a animal lover and i think the fact that dogs are mistreated preat my heart so i support you guys all the way i think we should all supports.

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    Dear Jessica,

    I really enjoyed reading about how much music means to you because I can relate. Music is also one of my favorite words music is a very important thing in someones life. In fact when i’m having a bad day I also sing and let all my emotions out. Thank your for sharing your interest.

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    This is such a beautiful piece, I felt everything the character is going through in the heart specially with your choice of music, this really touched me, thank you for sharing this piece of writing it must’ve been hard

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