• Domestic Violence is such as serious topic to talk about. People to be mature about this horrible issue in society. The actions that are being taken in “control” should not just be putting people in jail. The trauma of the victims will never be replaced, it is a scar on this life forever. No one should ever go these problems, it is just one of the…[Read more]

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    Ronata! The ideal graduation is filled with tears, hoorays, and goodbyes. But this one year is unique its one of a kind. Lucky or not we are apart of history, we were the 2020 graduates who the suffered with this pandemic. But instead of focusing on “aww poor us” we are part of history. And we are ready for the next chapter in our lives.

  • Hello Giselle.
    Being a young woman, I have encountered most of the issues presented here. Growing up in a Latin based culture women are always judge based on what they do. My mom would always use “that’s not ladylike” and i would try to change what i was doing but never understood. Now i think it is so incredibly important to support each other…[Read more]

  • Hi Sebastian,
    I think the topic of the opioid epidemic is so incredibly important because it has been a problem in our society since they are constantly being misused. After reading this I completely agree with your points of lowering the rates and amount of usage and should be more regulated it could potentially eliminate the problems. But the…[Read more]

  • Trash is trash. And people need to learn how to pick up after themselves. Humans ignore the fact that trash creates a huge problem for our enviroment.

  • Hey Anthony,
    I agrue with most of what you explained. Zoo are harmful for the animals, the poor animals face alot of problems such as anxiety, depression, anger etc. The animals are forced to live in terrible conditions, they are not provided witht he proper space they need or habitation. It is important to inform people about the behind the…[Read more]

  • An article written by Dough Saunders were he tells the story of the struggles faced by a young girl named Lara Osman born to a low-income immigrant family. 12-year-old Lara is originally from eastern Helsinki,

    • Hey sandra, I thought this article was quite interesting because I’ve always admired the finish school education. They value cooperation more than grades and the results have been amazing! So thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Sandra,
      I thought this article was very interesting and you summed it up well. I like the idea of having more programs for kids that focus on cooperation. I think it sets them up to do better in the future. Do you think US students would benefit from programs like that, which look to strengthen the bond between peers?

    • This was very interesting to read because it has so much meaning behind the story. You did a good job describing and the story about how she was so determined about school and lives in tough conditions is inspiring.

  • Natahsa, I compelelty agree with you, preschool is benefical. Allowing cghildern to be in preschool cerates a new atmosphere, even thought they are still so young it allows them to bond, interactive with other childern, make relationships. It is a one of the rpimary places where childernat a very young age begin to learn lifelong values, which are…[Read more]

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    Kelly, as a woman I comepletely agree with that women should be granted equality. Yet here here in the United States women are able ot vote, have freedom of speech and are able to get an education. Unfortunately in some other coutnries women do lack all of those opportunities and it is very unfortunate. But sadly women are still being discrimated…[Read more]

  • Emily,

    Reading your essay was a blast. In all reality students who aren’t recieving the proper amount of sleep will afect their performance. I also believe this issue is so incredibly underrated, as we are still developing our brains, it is important that we take certain meausres and take care of our body both physical and mentally As it affects…[Read more]

  • Ben, I agree with your article. Cows have been portrayed as a machine rather than the animal they are. Humans are overly consumin milk from the poor cows, that has caused them the live in inhumane condtions. Therefore what can we do inorder for this to stop? How can we as a society start to see the inhumane care of cows and their production of…[Read more]

  • Hey Pauline, first I wanted to say that I loved your article. I think it is so incredibly important to talk about this huge problem we as humans are facing. I just want to ask how can we find an easier more efficient way of recycling? Another question i have is how can we educate the people, not only making them aware of what is happening in our…[Read more]

  • Fossil fuels, which include natural gas, coal, and oil are created from the decomposition of organic remains of animals and plants over the past million years. Since it stores a large amount of energy, it can be

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  • Noah, I admired your definition of ‘American’ because most Americans tend to only focus on themselves, but forget that there are so many people immigrants or not are American as well. Being a Latina I identify myself American. Being American should mean that you have the freedom to believe, speak, etc whatever defines you. But there is huge part…[Read more]

  • Stella, I agree with you. First of all standardized testing has a range of material that students may or may not know. Some students take camps in order to study for this one test that will determine their college future(which I think is so unfair). Even with the study camps, some students who have practiced to take the ACT or SAT still don’t get…[Read more]