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  • Domestic Violence is such as serious topic to talk about. People to be mature about this horrible issue in society. The actions that are being taken in “control” should not just be putting people in jail. The trauma of the victims will never be replaced, it is a scar on this life forever. No one should ever go these problems, it is just one of the…Read More

  • Sandra commented on the post, Ms. Rona

    Ronata! The ideal graduation is filled with tears, hoorays, and goodbyes. But this one year is unique its one of a kind. Lucky or not we are apart of history, we were the 2020 graduates who the suffered with this pandemic. But instead of focusing on “aww poor us” we are part of history. And we are ready for the next chapter in our lives.

  • Hello Giselle.
    Being a young woman, I have encountered most of the issues presented here. Growing up in a Latin based culture women are always judge based on what they do. My mom would always use “that’s not ladylike” and i would try to change what i was doing but never understood. Now i think it is so incredibly important to support each other…Read More

  • Sandra commented on the post, Opioid epidemic

    Hi Sebastian,
    I think the topic of the opioid epidemic is so incredibly important because it has been a problem in our society since they are constantly being misused. After reading this I completely agree with your points of lowering the rates and amount of usage and should be more regulated it could potentially eliminate the problems. But the…Read More

  • Trash is trash. And people need to learn how to pick up after themselves. Humans ignore the fact that trash creates a huge problem for our enviroment.

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