• Ben, I agree with your article. Cows have been portrayed as a machine rather than the animal they are. Humans are overly consumin milk from the poor cows, that has caused them the live in inhumane condtions. Therefore what can we do inorder for this to stop? How can we as a society start to see the inhumane care of cows and their production of…[Read more]

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    Hey Pauline, first I wanted to say that I loved your article. I think it is so incredibly important to talk about this huge problem we as humans are facing. I just want to ask how can we find an easier more efficient way of recycling? Another question i have is how can we educate the people, not only making them aware of what is happening in our…[Read more]

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  • Noah, I admired your definition of ‘American’ because most Americans tend to only focus on themselves, but forget that there are so many people immigrants or not are American as well. Being a Latina I identify myself American. Being American should mean that you have the freedom to believe, speak, etc whatever defines you. But there is huge part…[Read more]

  • Stella, I agree with you. First of all standardized testing has a range of material that students may or may not know. Some students take camps in order to study for this one test that will determine their college future(which I think is so unfair). Even with the study camps, some students who have practiced to take the ACT or SAT still don’t get…[Read more]