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The Bias in Immigration Policies

Abstract This research project focuses on the unfair bias present in the United States concerning immigrants and immigration. The purpose of this research is to uncover the bias in immigration policies and reveal why there is a bias. This paper shows the undeniable bias in immigration policies dating back to the first immigration act in the United States. It has […]

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Immigrants get unfair discrimination

I am researching the question of bias in immigration policies. I found a lot of useful research studies on pioneer that directly address the issue of bias and immigration. The first study was about California’s Proposition 187 which deprives immigrants from many benefits included with U.S. Citizenship. A person in the study was asked for their opinion, and the results […]

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How are immigration policies biased in the United States? (Tag: immigration)

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Bias in Immigration Policies

After my research proposal, I have begun actual research. On the gale database, I found two very informative articles. The first article is a rundown of immigration history in the United States. In Immigration and Immigrants, the article begins with the very first immigration policy which prohibited immigration of prostitutes and convicts. It also required that Asians get consent to […]

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Immigration Policies in Britain and the United States

I am basing my research project on immigration policies. The exact issue within immigration policies I have yet to decide. This is a hard choice because there are many topics, issues and controversies that expand beyond the United States. As of right now, I want to look at the differences between countries, their capabilities for immigration, and how their policies […]

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Pro-life and Pro-choice

  “Pro-life” and “pro-choice” come down to the question of abortion, whether to ban it or legalize it. There are two arguments and both have their own justifications.   Pro life is when a person believes that abortion should be illegal. If you are pro-life you believe that the government has an obligation to preserve all human life, regardless of […]

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Where’s the better place to live, New York or Utah?

I am researching whether I would prefer to live in Utah or New York. When considering this question many words popped into my mind such as environment, people, hospitality and comfort. I researched the pros and cons of both New York and Utah and from there I will be able to decide based on my preferences what I prefer. On […]

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